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Community Parks

Directory of Chattanooga City Parks & Open Spaces

(Click here to download the chart. Check out our interactive Parks Locator Map.)

Park Location Amenities Links
 Avondale Park  1305 Dodson Ave  Baseball/Softball basketball playground RecCenter tennis  
 Batters Place Tennis Courts  8002 Batters Place Rd  tennis  
 Benham Williams Park  430 Williams Dr  basketball picnicShelter playground  
 Boulevard Park  4801 Divine Ave  football picnicShelter playground soccer  
 Brainerd Park  1010 N Moore Rd  playground RecCenter tennis  
 Caruthers Park  3300 Brannon Ave  baseball picnicShelter playground walkOnBoardwalk  
 Carver Park  600 N Orchard Knob Ave  baseball basketball discgolf playground RecCenter walkOnBoardwalk  
 Champions Club  1096 Lupton Dr  tennis   More info
 Chattanooga Chew Chew  1809 Reggie White Blvd  petsOnLeash  
 Church Street Park  3813 Church St  basketball playground  
 Delong Park  3315 Delong St  playground  
 DuPont Park  4502 North Access Rd  picnicShelter playground  
 East Chattanooga Park  2409 Dodson Ave  baseball basketball football picnicShelter playground RecCenter   
 East Lake Center Park  3601 Dodds Ave  baseball basketball playground RecCenter   
 East Lake Park  3000 East 34th St  picnicShelter playground walkOnBoardwalk  
 Eastdale Park  1312 Moss Dr  baseball basketball picnicShelter playground RecCenter walkOnBoardwalk  
 Frederick Park  925 W 38th St  Open green space. 
 Fort Negley Park  1704 Mitchell Ave  picnicShelter playground  
 Frances B Wyatt Park  406 Colville St  baseball playground RecCenter tennis  
 Glenwood Park  2610 East Third St  RecCenter tennis  
 Greenway Farm  3008 Hamill Rd  boatLaunch petsOnLeash trailhead walkOnBoardwalk  Trail map 
 Harris Johnson Park  41 West 28th St  picnicShelter playground walkOnBoardwalk  
 Jack Benson Heritage Park  1428 Jenkins Rd  petsOnLeash picnicShelter playground walkOnBoardwalk   
 Hill City Park  18 Trewhitt St  picnicShelter playground  
 Hixson Ballfields  5410 School Dr  baseball football playground  
 Hixson Park  5401 School Dr  RecCenter tennis walkOnBoardwalk  
 Inspiration Park  2408 Duncan Ave  walkOnBoardwalk  
 Jefferson Park  1730 Jefferson St  picnicShelter playground walkOnBoardwalk  
 John A Patten Park  3202 Kelly's Ferry Rd  baseball picnicShelter playground RecCenter walkOnBoardwalk  
 Lake Hills Park  4395 Bellview Ave  walkOnBoardwalk   
 Lakeside Ballfields  4800 Swan Rd  baseball football tennis  
 Lookout Valley Park  370 Warren Pl  baseball playground  
 Main Terrain Park  450 West 13th St  walkOnBoardwalk  
 Memorial Auditorium Mini Park  397 McCallie Ave  Downtown green space.  
 Miller Park  928 Market St  Renovations 2016-2017.   
 Milliken Park  100 West 45th St  baseball playground walkOnBoardwalk  
 Montague Park  1151 East 23rd St  walkOnBoardwalk   Sculptures
 Mountain Creek Road Park  1102 Mountain Creek Rd  walkOnBoardwalk   
 Murray Hills Park  4125 Melinda Dr  walkOnBoardwalk  
 North Chattanooga Park  406 May St  baseball playground  
 North River Soccer Complex  4504 North Access Rd  soccer  
 Overlook Park  1 South Crest Rd  Green space with scenic views.   
 Park City Park  2606 Cannon Ave  picnicShelter playground  
 Patten Parkway  12 Patten Parkway  Downtown linear landscape.   
 Perkins Park  860 Vine St  Green space with gazebo.   
 Phillips Park  700 Georgia Ave  Public art space.   
 Piney Woods  5216 Tanner Ave  Open green space.   
 Portland Park  999 Signal Mountain Rd  discgolf picnicShelter  
 Pringle Park  2613 Long St  basketball playground  
 Ridgedale Safewalk  1300 Buckley St  walkOnBoardwalk    
 Rivermont Park  1096 Lupton Dr  baseball boatLaunch picnicShelter playground tennis walkOnBoardwalk  
 Riverside Park  1004 Crutchfield St  basketball picnicShelter playground  
 Riverview Bird Sanctuary  1621 Riverview Rd  Neighborhood green space.  
 Riverview Park  1000 Barton Ave  picnicShelter playground tennis  
 Roy Nelms Park  1609 W 41st St  picnicShelter  
 Shepherd Park  2124 Shepherd Rd  discgolf picnicShelter playground RecCenter walkOnBoardwalk  
 South Chattanooga Park  1151 West 40th St  baseball playground RecCenter tennis walkOnBoardwalk  

 Southside Community Park

 3501 Central Ave

 picnicShelter walkOnBoardwalk  
 St. Elmo Park  4909 St Elmo Ave  picnicShelter playground  
Stringers Ridge  707 W Bell Ave  trailhead  Trail map
 Summit of Softball Complex  4900 La Collina Way  baseball  
 Sylvan Park  700 Franklin St  Wooded green space.   
 Tacoa Park  5205 Tacoa Cir  baseball picnicShelter playground walkOnBoardwalk  
 Tatum Park  1609 Union Ave  picnicShelter walkOnBoardwalk  
 Ted Bryant Park  1003 East 10th St  basketball picnicShelter playground  
 The Sinks Disc Golf Course  4502 North Access Rd  discgolf  
 Tyner Park  6900 Ty-Hi Dr  baseball RecCenter soccer walkOnBoardwalk  
 Urban Art Garden  11 N Seminole Dr  Urban green space.   
 Warner Park  301 North Holtzclaw Ave  baseball picnicShelter playground tennis  
 Washington Hills Park  4628 Oakwood Dr  baseball football playground RecCenter  
 Watkins Street Park  2411 East 12th St  picnicShelter playground  
 Westside Park  1195 Grove St  baseball picnicShelter playground RecCenter tennis walkOnBoardwalk  
 Whiteside Park  756 E MLK Blvd  walkOnBoardwalk  






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