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Water Quality Fee Credits

Credits for Parcels with 3 ERUs or more

1) Retrofit/Mitigation Plan (25% 1st year, up to 85% year 2 & 3)
A Water Quality Fee Credit of 25% for the 1st year, and up to 85% for years 2 & 3, will be offered to those sites submitting a proposal that results in the installation of structural measures (BMPs) that reduce the City's stormwater burden.

2) Tree Planting Plan (up to 20%)
Credit up to 20% will be offered for planting new trees and/or maintenance of existing trees that cover 25% of the sites measured impervious area.

3) Water Quality Education (up to 35% for calendar year 2009, up to 30% for calendar year 2010, up to 25% thereafter)
Credit will be offered to Public and Private Schools, K through 12, which integrate a curriculum in each grade level, approved by the City, for the purpose of providing Water Quality/Watershed education programs.

4) Water Quality Devices (up to 30%)
Credit will be offered for floatable skimmers and proprietary devices that are used to improve water quality.

5) Existing Detention/Retention Facilities (up to 40%)
Credit up to 40% will be offered for existing detention/retention facilities that meet certain city requirements.

6) Low Impact Development (LID) or Open Space (up to 75%)
Credit up to 75% will be offered for green infrastructure that is approved by the Water Quality Manager.

7) LEED Certified Development (up to 60%)
Credit up to 60% will be offered to a property that has received LEED certification and has obtained 5 specific "sustainable sites" credits.

8) Stream Buffers or Conservation Easements (up to 40%)
Credit up to 40% will be offered for constructing and/or maintaining a natural buffer on either side of the stream or jurisdictional wetland.

9) Property Line Buffers (up to 10%)
Credit up to 10% will be offered for property line buffers required by zoning and maintained per an approved landscape plan.

10) NPDES Permitted Facilities (up to 20%)
Credit up to 20% will be offered to properties that have an NPDES stormwater permit in good standing for at least 12 months prior to the application date.


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