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As a community, we have significantly improved our recycling habits and are all working hard to do our part for the environment. The change from weekly to monthly curbside recycle collection in conjunction with the additional recycling convenience centers and a strong education campaign has significantly reduced the amount of non-recyclable residue produced by curbside collection. We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of Chattanooga citizens who are recycling and recycling the right way.

It is thanks to your efforts -- your dedication to the environment and recycling the right way -- that we will be increasing curbside collection to biweekly. We will also be enhancing our service and efficiency to better serve you and the community. We encourage you to continue to be a responsible steward for the environment and recycle right.

To join biweekly residential curbside recycling collection in Chattanooga, please fill out the following information.

Step One: Enter Your Name

Please enter your first and last name in the boxes below.

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Step Two: Select Your Home Address Following the Instructions Below

Click the box under “Street Name” and begin typing the name of your street – if your street has a directional, such as W or E, please enter the directional after the name of your street (ex. Crest Rd W). Once you begin typing, a list of streets will be displayed under the box; please select your street from the list. Once you have selected your street name, click the dropdown arrow on the box on the right to select your street number.

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If you cannot find your address in the above list, call 311 or 643-6311 to speak to a representative.

Step Three: Enter Your Contact Information

We will contact you with your new biweekly pickup schedule soon!

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*If you provided us with an e-mail address, please make sure that you add "mail.chattanooga.gov" to your e-mail safe/whitelist and check your junk mail folder if you do not receive an e-mail in your inbox.

To preserve and enhance the quality of the physical environment and infrastructure through prompt, cost effective and courteous delivery of services which protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens.

Justin Holland, Administrator
1250 Market Street
Chattanooga TN 37402 (map)
(423) 643-6311



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