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Pedestrian Action Plan

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The Pedestrian Action Plan strives to connect gaps in Chattanooga's pedestrian transportation network and make it safe and accessible for all users throughout the City. The Plan concerns every area of the City, and it will aid us in prioritizing, planning, and budgeting for sidewalk installation and improvements in the coming years.

Chattanooga has a tremendous need for new sidewalks throughout the City to connect homes, schools, jobs, and daily needs, providing an active transportation alternative for residents, students, and workers in the City. For the many people who cannot drive due to age, disability, or economic hardship, children walking between home, schools, and parks, and individuals who choose not to drive as part of daily trips, a safe, accessible pedestrian transportation network is essential.

The Pedestrian Action Plan helps reduce barriers to transportation by expanding the pedestrian network, connecting key gaps, and ensuring existing sidewalks are accessible. The plan and the resulting additions to and improvements of Chattanooga's pedestrian infrastructure are a vital part of CDOT's mission to make efficient transportation viable for all people while enhancing multi-use public spaces for all people.

The Pedestrian Action Plan results in a prioritized list of new sidewalks and areas of ADA improvements based on mapping analyses which allow us to overlay population density, land use, availability of transit, existing sidewalk facilities, and public comments. These factors and others help prioritize the benefits of new sidewalks and aid us in planning and budgeting.

See proposed locations for sidewalks and tell us where sidewalks are needed most by clicking on the map below.


City Sidewalks


Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea