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Short-term Vacation Rental

What is a Short Term Vacation Rental?

A “Short-Term Vacation Rental” is any house or other structure containing no more than nine (9) bedrooms within permissible zones which is used, advertised or held out to the public in part or its entirety to be a place where sleeping accommodations are supplied for pay and such accommodations are provided on a daily or weekly basis for not more than (30) days for overnight stay.  For the purposes of this definition, any short-term vacation rental on a site located wither in R-1 or R-2 Residential Zones shall contain no more than five (5) bedrooms and shall exclude hotels, rooming houses, bed and breakfast, and boarding houses or other licensed dwelling units for rent or lease as defined in Section 11-186 and/or Section 38-2.  You can access the full Ordinance here.

The process for obtaining a Short Term Vacation Rental Certificate

This process is entirely based upon occupancy and zoning.  There are 3 different processes based to obtain a certificate: Owner Occupied, R-3 & R-4 Zoning and Non-Owner Occupied.  Please refer to the flow charts below to determine which steps you will need to follow.

Owner Occupied/R-3 & R-4 Zoned


Non-Owner Occupied


STVR Overlay

To check your zoning and proximity to the Short-Term Vacation Overlay, please click here.



  • Application Fee: $150
  • Renewal Fee: $150
  • Additional fees may apply

How to make a complaint

Email us directly stvr@chattanooga.gov


If you are notified that the City has received opposition against your STVR application you will need to go before City Council to appeal the opposition.  Contact the City Attorney's Office to learn what your hearing date and time is.  You do not need to do anything to prepare, you need only be present at the hearing.  If you wish to obtain the letter(s) of opposition you may file an open records request with the City Attorney's Office by going here.

Hamilton County Taxes

In addition to City Taxes, applicants are also required to pay Hamilton County Taxes.  The information attached is provided by the Hamilton County Trustee's Office here.

Dottie Brewer