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Application for Small Businesses

General Instructions

Please include requested information for all sections. Be accurate and thorough to avoid delays in processing. Where no response is possible, please write or select N/A. Attachments and additional pages are not required unless specifically requested in the application.

Who Receives This Completed Application

Once this application is submitted, it will be received by the Chattanooga Office of Economic and Community Development.


Contact Jermaine Freeman, Director of Economic Programs at or call
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Compliance Information
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Please upload a Certificate of Authorization/Good Standing if the company has operated for one full year or more. For companies that have been in operation in Tennessee for less than one year upload either a Certificate of Existence or an Application for a Certificate of Authority/Existence. Please visit Tennessee Secretary of State Certificate of Existence page for more information.

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Visit Trustee's Office web site for more tax payment information.

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Please provide a written explanation if “no” has been selected on any of the questions above. After the Office of Economic and Community Development review the application, we will request the Company to provide documentation of all licenses, taxes paid, and other compliance information.
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Small Business Incentive Grant

Grant explanation

To meet the terms of the grant, Company must be engaged in a for-profit service or manufacturing industry; employ no more than 100 full-time persons, regardless of the locale in which they are employed; create a minimum of five (5) new full-time jobs within the City of Chattanooga; and create the jobs at the qualified project site within a contiguous twelve (12) month period.

Additional Information on Company

Date of First Qualified Hire Made(*)
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Number of employees on that start date: (Date must be on or after July 1, 2014)(*)
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Number of incremental employees hired during prior 18 month period beginning on start date(*)
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Please upload a spreadsheet or document listing general job classifications and how many jobs created in each category. In addition, list the hire date and wage rate for each new full-time position.
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Acknowledgment and Confirmation of Accuracy

Confirmation of Accuracy

To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in this Chattanooga Application for Incentives is true and correct, as evidenced by my confirmation below. I further certify that the business entity is in good standing under the laws of jurisdiction(s) in which the entity organized or authorized to conduct business and that no delinquent taxes are owed to any taxing entity.

Furthermore, I understand the incentive will reimburse a Qualified Small Business for all or part of its documented expenditures related to the acquisition, preparation or occupancy of office space and other facilities with the City, costs of moving to or relocating within or to the City, costs associated with initial or on-going training of employees located at the Qualified Project Site, or other such costs or expenses.

I confirm the statements shown above to be true.(*)
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Economic Development

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