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Open Data Week


Announcing Open Data Week 2022!

Open Data Week

Open Data Day is an annual celebration of open data all over the world. Groups from around the world create local events on the day where they will use open data in their communities. It is an opportunity to show the benefits of open data and encourage the adoption of open data policies in government, business, and civil society. Officially, Open Data Day is on Saturday, March 5th, 2022, but we decided to go bigger this year and commit a week of events to celebrate Open Data here in Chattanooga. If you are a data curious individual, we highly encourage you to sign up for a session relevant to you below!

Schedule of Events

Kickoff - Monday, Feb 28th, 6pm (virtual) - Sign Up Here!
Open data dates! Sign up for individual online meetings with data champions around the City!

Tuesday, March 1 (in-person & virtual)
OPMOD will be presenting to the City Council on the impact of Open Data and its future!

Media Session - Wednesday, March 2, 10am-12pm (in person at 5th Floor of Edney) - Sign Up Here!
Media and news agencies should join this session to learn how to unlock the power of the open data portal and how to efficiently utilize data in journalism!

Community Session - Thursday, March 3, 6pm-7pm (virtual) - Sign Up Here!
Community members can join here to learn more about the Open Data Portal, provide input on data that would be powerful for you, and help us craft useful guides!

Non-Profit/Org Session - Friday, March 4, 1pm-3pm (in person 5th Floor of Edney) - Sign Up Here!
Learn how nonprofits and other organizations can better use the City’s existing data to serve the community!

Saturday, March 5 (National Open Data Day) (virtual) (1-3 pm) - Sign Up Here!
1 pm - Tim Talk - Mayor Tim Kelly and Deputy IDP Admin Tim Moreland will discuss how the City uses data, open data, and field questions in a Q&A.
2 pm - Data Challenge - Community Insights Presented by Open Data Team
2:15 pm - Open Data Guides Launch

Data Challenge

We need your help!

While we have quite a bit of data stored that we use on a regular basis, we don't often get a chance to think about new ways to use it. Maybe it's because we see it every day or maybe it's because we are ignorant fools! (kidding, maybe) but it's not always obvious how our data can best be used to help our Chattanooga community.

That's where you come in.

Using our most popular (Police Incidents, Fire Calls, and 311 Requests) datasets or others you find interesting (may we suggest Permits or Traffic Flow?), we want YOU to come up with some new insights and data visualizations that say something new about Chattanooga. Create a visualization or map within Chattadata itself, download the data and make something in your preferred visualization tool or send us a description of something you found out about the data you reviewed.

That's it, that's the challenge. Use our data, make something cool, inspire us and others in your community! Don’t forget to tell us about your data insights by submitting them here or emailing opendata@chattanooga.gov!

About the Hosts

The Office of Performance Management and Open Data (OPMOD) is a small team of data-driven individuals who are seeking to better the City of Chattanooga. We understand the power of data in today's world, and we hope to push the City internally to maximize the immense amounts of data it has to the benefit of its constituents. Related to Open Data, one of our key principles is Default to Open. One thing we firmly believe is the default status of Data should be open and accessible to the public. We are always accessible and happy to talk data, so please email us at opendata@chattanooga.gov to connect.

Learn More About Open Data

You don’t have to wait till Open Data Week to learn more about open data! Feel free to head straight to our existing Open Data site and begin exploring!

Take me to the data!

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