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Chattanooga Forward

In Chattanooga, we have a long history forging public and private partnerships and engaging citizens to help us reach our common goals. As the economic, social, and cultural hub of our region, Chattanooga's long term future is critical to us all. Through citizen involvement and open discussions about our strengths and challenges, we will discover the ideas to move Chattanooga forward.

Chattanooga Forward will help write the next chapter in Chattanooga's story. Over the next few months, six task forces will thoroughly investigate a multifaceted topic, engage our citizens to harness the best new ideas and create action plans to make a real impact for our City.

Task force members come from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, areas of expertise and perspectives. But to be successful, we need to hear from you. We all have a stake in the future of Chattanooga and sharing your ideas is key to moving our city forward.

Berke Elect Sig
Andy Berke
Mayor of Chattanooga


Each Chattanooga Forward Task Force is Guided by Six Key Principles:

  1. Organic to our City
  2. Inclusive
  3. Connected to Chattanoogans
  4. Furthers our unique brand
  5. Sustainable
  6. Complements ongoing work by local organizations

Task Forces:

Sports & Outdoors

For decades, our City has been defined by its unique natural beauty. We should continue to nurture and grow the special relationship we share with recreation and the outdoors. This task force will work to expand the frequency and type of recreation opportunities. It will also strengthen the connections between Chattanoogans and the outdoors.

Entertainment & Attractions

Chattanooga is a destination for travelers throughout the Southeast because of our local entertainment and one-of-a-kind attractions. From our restaurants and our growing music scene to our 21st century waterfront, we will continue to build our reputation as a thriving hub for culture – both for Chattanoogans and visitors alike.


Housing plays a critical role in ensuring a high quality of life for Chattanoogans. Each neighborhood throughout our city has its own housing needs. Those needs range from an increase in the number of affordable unit to stronger home ownership and an increase in the amount of market rate housing.


Chattanooga must have a vibrant downtown to be successful. Our downtown not only houses the majority of businesses, but it is home to the unique culture that builds Chattanooga’s identity as a city. We will make good use of our precious urban core to achieve maximum results.

Technology, Gig & Entrepreneurship

Over the last four years, Chattanooga has attracted interest from around the globe thanks to our high speed fiber optic network. This global recognition has fueled our flourishing entrepreneurial community. We can build a strong talent pool, attract capital investors, bridge the digital divide, and provide platforms for small businesses to succeed in Chattanooga.


Chattanooga’s reputation as an artist friendly community boosts our local economy. Art, including theatre, sculpture, painting, music, photography and other mediums, help to give a community a purpose and identity. It represents who we are and builds Chattanooga’s unique sense of place.




Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea