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Startup CHA

Small companies and startups are the drivers of any local economy but it's often difficult for them to do business with local government. With a complicated and stringent purchasing process, entrepreneurs are often left out.

The Berke Administration understands how important it is to foster a healthy, active startup community. We have taken the best practices and success stories from other cities to invest more in our local entrepreneurs.

Modeled after successful initiatives found in cities throughout the country, Startup CHA offers local government and city infrastructure as a platform for startups to pilot their new products and ideas. A single point of entry for entrepreneurs expedites the process and makes City Hall more business friendly, while helping the City provide the most effective and efficient services to our citizens.


If you have a new product or innovative idea and want to test it on city infrastructure, we want to hear about it.

In the coming weeks, an online form will allow startups to submit their new product or idea. The products that meet a need in local government will be asked to pitch their idea at a monthly Startup CHA council meeting.

If you have an idea that will work with a City project, the council will recommend you to the City's Purchasing Department and make sure you have the right information to navigate the process. If your idea isn't a great fit, we will connect you with our partners at the Business Development Center to learn ways you can further develop your ideas.



Startup CHA

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