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Wastewater Treatment Fees

Sewer service charge per Ordinance 13710: Sewer service charges shall be based upon the quantity of water used as shown by water meter readings and shall be the dollar amount derived by applying the total charge in dollars per one thousand (1,000) gallons for the quantities of water shown in the following table: 

                             Fiscal Year 2022
                             As of 10/01/2021
User Class
    Total Charges
 ($/1,000 gallons)
First 100,000          $12.71  
Next 650,000          $9.46  
Next 1,250,000          $7.69  
Next 30,000,000          $6.69  
Over 32,000,000          $6.31  


In addition, the total charges derived from the above chart for residential users will be multiplied by ninety (90) percent to compensate for water use not going to the sewer such as lawn and garden watering. Any residential location where a separate water meter has been installed for the purpose of lawn and garden watering shall not be entitled to have the multiplier applied to any water consumed through the primary water meter. Each residence or apartment unit shall have a maximum monthly sewer service charge for a volume of no more than 12,000 gallons water used; unless the minimum charge due to water meter size exceeds the 12,000 gallon limit.  The monthly sewer service charge then shall be at least the minimum for that particular size water meter.  With this limitation of the sewer service charge, residential sewer credits will not be issued (see City Code 31-40(b)).

Industries are charged extra for excessive concentration of BOD and solids (Pretreatment Ordinance - Section 31-43). The industrial discharge permit fee is $500.00 annually which is only imposed on industries that are considered to be a significant user.


Billing questions should be directed to 311.

Regarding Sewer Credits
(423) 643-7400 (Industrial/Commercial Only)

Regarding Water Bill
TAWC 866-736-6420
Hixson Utility (423) 877-3513

Regarding New Industry Location
Pretreatment Supervisor  (423) 643-7400

To report leaky manholes, sewer leakage or other sewer complaints, call 311 or for cell phones (423) 643-6311.

Regarding Sewer Location
(423) 643-7400

Regarding Sewer Taps
(423) 643-7400

Should you have a problem with your sewer line, call 311 before you call a plumber. There could be a problem with the main line and this could save you a plumbing bill.

Swimming pool credits are no longer issued per Ordinance 11884.

Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea