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Industrial Monitoring

Program Overview

Industrial Storage Tanks

Pollution Discharge Elimination Permit (NPDES). Within the City of Chattanooga, there over 200 industrial facilities that are required to have the NPDES permit. Water Quality Program personnel also inspects non-permitted facilities based on complaints from concerned citizens. The City of Chattanooga Water Quality Program inspects these facilities on frequency that insures that each of these facilities abides by city codes and guidelines in the NPDES permit for preventing storm water pollution in the City of Chattanooga storm water system.The City of Chattanooga Water Quality Program has established an inspection program for Industrial Facilities and Municipal Waste sites that are required to carry an Environmental Protection Agency's National 

Inspectors for the Water Quality Program look for onsite pollution generation from activities being conducted outside and all storm water structures for any signs of illicit discharges. How an industry conducts it housekeeping measures greatly impacts pollution in storm water runoff.

After inspection of an industrial or municipal waste facility, the Water Quality Program will provide assistance and educational materials to the facility, if needed, to help the facility better understand it's role in preventing pollution in storm water runoff.

Properly Stored Industrial Materials
Properly Stored Materials
Improperly Stored Industrial Materials
Improperly Stored Materials


For further information on the Industrial Monitoring Program, see the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).


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