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Current Water Quality Projects

Contact for all projects: 423-643-5854 or email chattanoogawq@chattanooga.gov.


Agawela Stream Restoration

The City Of Chattanooga is completing a stream restoration of approximately 1,500 linear feet of an incised stream channel within an urbanized watershed of the City- South Chickamauga Creek- near the intersection of Wilcox and Shallowford. The unnamed tributary to South Chickamauga Creek was deeply entrenched from the years of flashy, urban stormwater runoff. This contributed heavily to the sediment load in South Chickamauga Creek, a 303-d listed stream with a siltation TMDL. South Chickamauga Creek is also the only known location of the threatened Chickamauga Crayfish. Completing the restoration entails reconnecting the channel with the floodplain, installing multiple grade controls and establishing a meandering pattern within a tightly confined corridor.


East Lake Park Water Quality Improvements

We are working to renovate East Lake Park's pond and water qualtiy features. East Lake is located in the East Lake community of our Dobbs Branch and Chattanooga Creek Watersheds.  Do you live near East Lake Park? Do you spend time in this awesome space? A concept is being funded by the Lyndhurst foundation and a concept will be final this year.

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Sunbeam Green Infrastructure Improvements

In order to alleviate the risk for potential flooding in the area, the Water Quality Program was tasked to provide a cost affect solution since the traditional grey infrastructure (underground pipe network) was limited given the severity of the slope.

This alternative design approach on this project was green infrastructure. By utilizing a green infrastructure approach, these features will mimic the natural water cycle, prior to development, allowing for ground water recharge.



Green Infrastructure Story Map


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