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Water Quality Improvements at East Lake Park

East Lake Park needs water quality improvements.

We are working with the community to make this happen.

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Since May, community partners have worked alongside the city to get surveys out and about in the community both digitally and in hard copy at the park, in churches and community centers and in schools. Are you a local East Lake resident interested in joining a group to keep the park clean and do projects around the park? If yes, please call 423-643-5877 or email chattanoogawq@chattanooga.gov with your name, phone number, & address. We have complete Phase I planning and are onto the engineering design. See the concept below, and contact us with any questions.


Final Concept East Lake Water Quality


Who and Where

East Lake Park is a 18.5 acre park in district 7 with a 1.75 acre pond. It is the city's first park and it has a rich cultural heritage (see picture's in the Public Library's catalog).  The lake is spring fed and much of the park is covered in trees. It bustles with community members, geese, ducks, and fish in the pond.  

IMG 0019

What and Why

Water Quality Improvements for East Lake Park are being explored and planned for installation under the lead of the Water Qualtiy Program in the Public Works Department's Water Quality Engineering Division.  With community input as a key and driving factor for guidance, this project has a goal to improve conditions for the pond and surrounding water quality features and to install an outdoor classroom.

With generous support from the Lyndhurst Foundation, phase one underway now and will include an ecological assessment, a report for recommended pond and green infrastructure improvements, and a concept rendering improvements and an outdoor classroom.  

Due to ware and tare in time and a lack of consistent maintenance, sediment removal, potential infrastructure improvements and ecolgocial enhancements are all needed.  Waterfowl overfeeding or improper feeding is also potentially leading to increased algae and can ultimately cause improper conditions for aquatic life and fauna.  Waterfowl feeding, fish watching and general pond enjoyment are components of the park experience that we must maintain, and guidance for appropriate waterfowl feeding is a challenge.   

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Email chattanoogawq@chattanooga.gov or call 423-643-5877 and reference East Lake Park feedback to get connected with the project's outreach efforts or if you need hard copy surveys delivered.  We can pick up completed surveys or they can be mailed to 1250 Market St Suite 2100, Attn: WQ East Lake, Chattanooga, TN 37403



Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea