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City Of Chattanooga

Sunbeam Avenue Green Infrastructure Improvement Project


In order to alleviate the risk for potential flooding in the area, the Water Quality Program was tasked to provide a cost affect solution since the traditional grey infrastructure (underground pipe network) was limited given the severity of the slope.

This alternative design approach on this project was green infrastructure. By utilizing a green infrastructure approach, these features will mimic the natural water cycle, prior to development, allowing for ground water recharge.



Project Goals and Benefits:

· Filter pollution from stormwater runoff

· Protect our waterways from polluted stormwater runoff.

· Recharge local groundwater

· Provide opportunities for neighborhood improvements

· Improve aesthetics of the streetscape

· Create habitat for birds and butterflies

· Reduce demand on existing pipe and sewage treatment plant

· Slowing the flow by diverting into WQ swales to allow sediment and pollutants to settle out before the water is discharged into the conveyance system

· Minimize flooding during intense rain events

· Decrease impervious area

· Educate residents on stormwater water quality control measures


Design Process:

Site investigation to the topography along with a field survey of the area provided an update image of the drainage flow paths.

Treatment train approach —

A treatment train incorporates multiple SWC practices in succession in order to maximize the removal of pollutants from the runoff. Hydraulic and physical processes remove larger solids and associated pollutants during storm events while biological and chemical processes that threat the finer solids and dissolved pollutants occur between storms.

Primary treatment per WQ control structure:

Infiltration trench

· Screening of sedimentation

· Infiltration into the native soils

· Biological uptake and breakdown of pollutants and nutrients


· Rapid sedimentation

· Biological uptake and breakdown of pollutants and nutrients

WQ Swale

· Screening of sedimentation

· Infiltration into the native soils


Project Status and Construction Update Coming Soon!  

For more information, contact: 643-5854 chattanoogawq@chattanooga.gov

Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea