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Resolutions 1998

A Microsoft Word file 000_INDEX- CAPTIONS
A Text file 21640 Agmt First Tenn Services & Software (DirectDeposits)
A Text file 21641 Agmt McDonald Arch Maint Facility @ Ross's Landing
A Text file 21642 Lease Agmt Signal One Corp Summit Landfill Property
A Text file 21643 Agmt Norfolk Combined Sewer Casting & Carrier Pipe
A Text file 21644 Fourth Amdmt Smith 73C, 73D, SWM-3-96 ,SR-3-97
A Text file 21645 Pymt Legal Title & Escrow Kines Stormwater Detention Facility
A Text file 21646 Award SWM-4-97 Mayse Drainage & Water Quality Abatement
A Text file 21647 Award SWM-5-97 Gamble Constr-Extruded Asphalt-Concrete Curb
A Text file 21648 Award 28G (EP2) U.S. Filter Screens at Mocc Bend
A Text file 21649 ROW Purch Church Of God (2) Wilcox at Roanoke
A Text file 21650 ROW Purch Frost (16) RW-8-96 Mtn Creek Rd Widening
A Text file 21651 Temp Use Mortgage Assurance 1201 Hixson Pk Awning
A Text file 21652 Award 53B-1 Spring Creek Jones Environ
A Text file 21653 Award 53B-2 Spring Crk Force Main Ruby Collins Inc
A Text file 21654 Award 53B-4 NW Georgia Mayse
A Text file 21655 Cafeteria Plan Ratify & Confirm Adoption
A Text file 21656 Agmt EPB Option-Purchase Frazier Ave Prop
A Text file 21657 ROW Purchase Jackson (9) Wilcox at Roanoke
A Text file 21658 ROW Purchase Holloway (12) Wilcox at Roanoke
A Text file 21659 ROW Purchase Edge (13&14) Wilcox at Roanoke
A Text file 21660 Purchase Prop 802 MLK (ICDC-CDBG Funds)
A Text file 21661 Sewer Ease Robinson (4) 99C Misc San Sewer Req
A Text file 21662 Grant Match Assurance ISTEA-TN Riverpark
A Text file 21663 Agmt Comquest W 9th CSO Facility
A Text file 21664 Agmt CSI Birchwood Landfill Pump & Storage
A Text file 21665 Award TS-3-97 Signal 42nd at Rossville Blvd
A Text file 21666 ROW Purchase Crutcher (5) Wilcox at Roanoke
A Text file 21667 ROW Purchase Pearson (11) Wilcox at Roanoke
A Text file 21668 Temp Usage Felts 102 Walnut Street Sign
A Text file 21669 Award SWM-6-97 to E. TN Grading Hickory Valley Culbert Replace
A Text file 21670 Bond Issuance & Sale 70,000,000
A Text file 21671 Bessie Smith Hall Transfer W MLK Dev Corp
A Text file 21672 Change Order 273 B2 Big Ridge IV Mayse Construction
A Text file 21673 Temp Usage Sports Barn Broad St Side Awnings
A Text file 21674 Temp Usage Sports Barn Market St. Side Awning
A Text file 21675 Contract Glatting Jackson, et al. for Downtown Traffic Study
A Text file 21676 Sewer Ease Serodino & Klimesh 28F(1)
A Text file 21677 Temp Use Artech 2525 Broad St. Planters
A Text file 21678 Amend 20886 Monty Reeves (96-016) Extend PUD
A Text file 21679 Deed Correction Buster Brown Property
A Text file 21680 Agmt Paladin Strategic Rail Connect Assist
A Text file 21681 Lease Agmt Kidney Foundation River Roast
A Text file 21682 Signal Contract TDOT 42nd at Rossville Blvd
A Text file 21683 Funding Rail Corridor-Atlanta & Chattanooga
A Text file 21684 Tri-State Steel Hazardous Waste Appl Auth Air Pollution
A Text file 21685 Bond Issuance & Sale 50,000,000
A Text file 21686 Bond Issuance & Sale 70,000,000
A Text file 21687 Moratorium Cellular Towers
A Text file 21688 Amend Coop Agmt Dev Corp Of Orchard Knob
A Text file 21689 Contract Little & Associates S. Chatt Demo Safewalk Project
A Text file 21690 Agmt Arcadis N. River Ind Park Pump Station
A Text file 21691 Award P-1-98 Bitum Pvmt Vulcan Materials
A Text file 21692 Agmt Public Financial Investment Advisory Services
A Text file 21693 Award 64,000,000 Bonds To Paine Webber
A Text file 21694 Extend Leinart Agreement - Pvmt Mgmt Sys
A Text file 21695 Temp Use Roger Sayner Cummings Hwy Water Line
A Text file 21696 Award BL-3-98 Sole Source KSE Tank
A Text file 21697 Special Commission Michael Haynes (armed)
A Text file 21698 Contract TWH Architects 911 Bldg Project
A Text file 21699 Award 28F Haren Pump Station
A Text file 21700 Award 28F Mayse Force Main
A Text file 21701 Award SWM-5-98 Stein Constr Coolidge Prk
A Text file 21702 Temp Usage Artech Design 1410 Cowart Str Door & Awning
A Text file 21703 Agmt Chatt Golf & Country Club Riverbank Stabilization
A Text file 21704 Agmt Mgmt & Pers Systems Fire Assessment Svcs
A Text file 21705 Award BL-2-98 Koestr Environmental
A Text file 21706 Award BL-1-98 B&W Contractors
A Text file 21707 Contract Charles Tinker Personal Services
A Text file 21708 Accept Grant Hiring Police Officers DOJ
A Text file 21709 Hydrant 6th & E. 34th
A Text file 21710 Contract ICDC Demograph Profile & Consumer Purch Study
A Text file 21711 Change Order 2SR-2-96 Reynolds, Inc. Cured-In-Place Sewer
A Text file 21712 Temp & Perm Ease Hudson Strmbank Protection Project
A Text file 21713 Agmt CTIVAAP - Engineering Services
A Text file 21714 Agmt Ham Co WW Trmt Auth VAAP
A Text file 21715 Bond Resolution 27,120,000
A Text file 21716 Amend Res. 21685 - Bond 50,000,000
A Text file 21717 Acknowl Granite 60-Unit Duplex Low Income Hsg Tax Creds
A Text file 21718 Declare Public Health Week
A Text file 21719 Reso Submit Plan of Serv. Annex VAAP
A Text file 21720 Hydrant Taylor & Farleigh
A Text file 21721 98-99CD Blck Grnt Fdg
A Text file 21722 Transfer School Properties To County
A Text file 21723 To Planning Renaming Elinor Ln To Jadie Lane
A Text file 21724 Award CP-1-98 T.U. Parks Constr Coolidge Park
A Text file 21725 Award 28G(EP1) WWTP Influent Pumps Morris Pump Co
A Text file 21726 Accept Donation Equitable Corp Greenway Project
A Text file 21727 Acknowl First Centrum Sr. Citizen Afford Hsg
A Text file 21728 Contract First Centrum Sr. Citizen Afford Hsg
A Text file 21729 Acknowl Marlow Low Income Housing Tax Credits
A Text file 21730 Acknowl Norsouth Affordable Housing Low Income
A Text file 21731 Acknowl Lawler-Wood Affordable Housing Low Income
A Text file 21732 Surpl-Transfer CNE Blackford St & Mitchell Ave Prop
A Text file 21733 Contract Dry Vac Environ Dewatering Unit Moccasin Bend WWTP
A Text file 21734 Contract Ashbrok Corp Thickening Unit Mocc Bend WWTP
A Text file 21735 Contract Waterlink Inc-Hycor Thickening Unit Mocc Bend WWTP
A Text file 21736 Award CSO-4a(EP)-98I Carter St. CSO Waste Tech Inc
A Text file 21737 Award CSO-4a(EP)-98II-Carter Street CSO Grande, Novac &Assoc
A Text file 21738 Agmt CTI Birchwood Landfill Sample Ground Water Wells
A Text file 21739 Temp Usage Cherry St. Cafe Awning
A Text file 21740 Temp Usage Olivet Miss Bapt 10th St.-ROW
A Text file 21741 Acquire Properties For ICDC
A Text file 21742 Agmt Betts TDOT Relocate Sewers Widen I-75-E. Brainerd
A Text file 21743 Change Order 3RW-7-96 E.TN Grading Gunbarrel Rd Widen
A Text file 21744 Amend No. 5 CTI-POH Mocc Bend WWTP Expansion
A Text file 21745 Temp Usage Rothwell Canopy 800 Town Ctr Bldg
A Text file 21746 EPB Appointment Linda Fletcher
A Text file 21747 Adopt Plan of Service VAAP Annexation
A Text file 21748 Century Tele Agmt Taxes
A Text file 21749 Highland Park Zoning Study
A Text file 21750 North Shore Zoning Study
A Text file 21751 Option Agmt EPB Mr. Zip Hickory Valley Land Co
A Text file 21752 Lease Agmt WJTT Ross Ldg Power 94 Family Day
A Text file 21753 Agmt Derthick, et al. Rivermont Dupont Pk Master Plan
A Text file 21754 Reimburse Ham Co WW VAAP Connector Sewer
A Text file 21755 Agmt Neel-Schaffer Traffic Study MLK Bailey McCallie
A Text file 21756 Temp Usage Signal Ctrs 3635 Brainerd Concrete Planters
A Text file 21757 Jim Robinson EPB Recognition
A Text file 21758 Name Jim Frost Stadium of a Thousand Dreams
A Text file 21759 Name Change Resort Investment To Ross Landing Marina LLC
A Text file 21760 Agmt CTI Birchwood Landfill Gravity Force Main
A Text file 21761 Award 73D Mayse Constr Lakeshore Collection
A Text file 21762 Temp Usage Law Eng & Env Groundwater Wells S. Broad
A Text file 21763 Temp Use REGIS Corp Business Sign
A Text file 21764 Sale Delinquent Tax Sales Property
A Text file 21765 Support Funds For TVA Chickamauga Lock
A Text file 21766 Award RW-1-98 E. Brainerd at Dave L. Brown Riverbend
A Text file 21767 Agmt Comquest Friar Branch-McCutcheon Rd Detention
A Text file 21768 Agmt Dennis Smith 73C, SR-3-97, SWM-4-97, SWM-3-96
A Text file 21769 Pymt Legal Title & Escrow Mize 1308 Crawford St
A Text file 21770 Agmt CSX Williams St. CSO
A Text file 21771 Temp Usage English Rose 1401 Market Table & Chairs
A Text file 21772 Contract CTI Summit Landfill Phase II
A Text file 21773 Temp Usage Electric Submarine Sign
A Text file 21774 Amd Contr Little & Associates-S. Chatt Demo Safewalk
A Text file 21775 Agmt Lawrence Boydston Operate Heavy Equipment
A Text file 21776 Amd 1 Agm CTI Birchwood LandfillI & II Liner
A Text file 21777 Amd 6 Agm POH (Arcadis) 73B1Big Ridge III
A Text file 21778 Amd 7Agm POH (Arcadis) 73B2 Big Ridge IV
A Text file 21779 License Agmt Provident Central Ave CSO
A Text file 21780 Award 29A-19th St Pump Station Haren
A Text file 21781 Temp Usage Signal Voice 21st Street Sidewalk Sign
A Text file 21782 Approve Trans & Zoning Study-Ham Place E. Brainerd Wilbur Smith
A Text file 21783 PUD Final ROSEBROOK 97-096
A Text file 21784 Contr Award & Auth Bell Oakes - Search For City Engineer
A Text file 21785 Agmt TDOT Broad Streetscape MPO 5th & 6th
A Text file 21786 Change Ord 1SS-2-97 Riverbend Shallowford at Tunnel Blvd
A Text file 21787 Award 28H Southern Marine Submerged Outfall Diffuser
A Text file 21788 Award 45 AE. Tenn. Grading VAAP Connector
A Text file 21789 Temp Usage Big River Breweries Sidewalk Table & Chairs
A Text file 21790 Lease Eastgate Mall Precinct Station
A Text file 21791 Award SWM-1-98 Mayse Constr Drainage & Water
A Text file 21792 Award TS-1-98 Signal Wilder at Dodson, etc W.C.Teas Co
A Text file 21793 Transfer Credits to Other Accounts
A Text file 21794 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(43) Various Local Streets-Resurfacing
A Text file 21795 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(46) Gadd From Norcross To 153
A Text file 21796 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(47) Shallowford
A Text file 21797 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(48) Shallowford
A Text file 21798 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(49) Shallowford
A Text file 21799 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(50) Shallowford
A Text file 21800 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(51) Shallowford
A Text file 21801 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(53) Shallowford
A Text file 21802 Agmt Wallace, Roberts Master Plan-CompreParks & Facilities
A Text file 21803 Change Ord 153B1 Jones Envir Spring Cr & Ft Ogle Pump Stations
A Text file 21804 Temp Usage Rothwell Enter-138 Market Awning
A Text file 21805 Temp Usage Stadium Corp Carter Decorative Piers
A Text file 21806 Amendment 21687 Moratorium-Cellular Towers
A Text file 21807 Purch Prop From ICDC 715 Central Avenue
A Text file 21808 Accept Grant THDA Affordable Housing
A Text file 21809 Special Commission Shelia Miller & Doris Parham
A Text file 21810 Revocation Hutson, Sheats, Moore & Gilliland
A Text file 21811 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(55) North-South Alter Transp Corridor Study
A Text file 21811 Agmt TDOTSTP-M-9202(55) North-South Alter Transp Corridor Study
A Text file 21812 Temp Usage Corker Group James Bldg Flagpoles
A Text file 21813 Temp Usage Corker Group Ga Ave, etc. Flagpoles & Awnings
A Text file 21814 Agmt Orange Grove Dual Blue Bag Recycling Program
A Text file 21815 Agmt Orange Grove Recycling Vehicles Purchase
A Text file 21816 Agmt Litter City-County
A Text file 21817 Award 28I Mocc Bend Expansion Devan Brown Constr
A Text file 21818 Agmt CTI Citico CSO Control Facility
A Text file 21819 Chg Ord 1CSO-4a-97 W. Rogers Co Carter Str CSO
A Text file 21820 Chg Ord 1SR-2-95 Mayse Roanoke Ave Sewer Replacement
A Text file 21821 Sewer Ease Colonial Brdcstg 99C
A Text file 21822 ROW Purch Timber Ridge(2)RW-1-98E.Brainerd at Dave L. Brown
A Text file 21823 ROW Purch Dan Vance (3,4,5) RW-1-98 E. Brainerd at Dave L. Brown
A Text file 21824 Award 28G Mocc Bend Expansion 3-D Enterprises Contracting
A Text file 21825 Contract TVA Property Acquisition
A Text file 21826 Spec Comm Charles Gaston
A Text file 21827 Agmt Ham Co 800 MHz Radio System
A Text file 21828 Agmt East Ridge Traffic Signals
A Text file 21829 Special Commission Michael Houston
A Text file 21830 Amend Agmt with Comquest W 9th CSO Facility
A Text file 21831 Award CSO-5a-98 Mabel St to Citico CSO
A Text file 21832 Chg Ord 128F(EP2) Hycor Influent Relief Pump Station
A Text file 21833 Pymt Betts Eng Sewer Nos. 72, 69B, 72A & 69B-1
A Text file 21834 ROW Purch Kayo Oil(3) Shallowford & Hickory Valley
A Text file 21835 ROW Purch McMahan (4)Traffic Light Poles
A Text file 21836 Sewer Ease Morris(4) 99C
A Text file 21837 Sewer Ease Robinson(8) 99C
A Text file 21838 Pymt EPB Moving Transformer at Brainerd, Dave L. Brown, Vance
A Text file 21839 Temp Usage Marc's QuikStop Sidewalk Table & Chairs
A Text file 21840 Temp Usage N. River Christian 1675 Shelby Cir. Brick Sign
A Text file 21841 Grant Appl Forester Summer Intern
A Text file 21842 Agmt Fain Pennington
A Text file 21843 Agmt 911 Board
A Text file 21844 Surpl-Transf Hope For Chatt 1507 Lynnbrook Avenue
A Text file 21845 Utility Relocation TDOT I-75 Widening-E. Brainerd to Shallowford
A Text file 21846 Amend No. 1- Arcadis Geraghty & Miller 28I MBWWTP Expan
A Text file 21847 Agmt Barlew-Neuhoff City-Wide Svcs Admin Bldg
A Text file 21848 Award CSO-3-98 Williams Street CSO
A Text file 21849 Contract Maint TDOT 98-99
A Text file 21850 Temp Usage Bobby Fryar Trucking Co 36th Str-BrannonSt
A Text file 21851 Temp Usage Lavecchia 1040 Heritage Ldg Dr Sewer Easement
A Text file 21852 Temp Usage Rothwell Enterprises 138 Market St Sidewalk
A Text file 21853 Temp Usage Studio of Design Awning 11 W. 8th
A Text file 21854 Accept Grant TN Fin & Admin Shepherd, Rivermont & Parks Dev
A Text file 21854 Accept Grant TN Fin & Admin Shepherd, Rivermont & Parks Dev
A Text file 21855 Surpl-Transf Terry Parks Bell Ave & Gurley Street
A Text file 21856 Temp Usage Bi-Lo Grndwater Wells 5901 Shallowford
A Microsoft Word file 21857 Purchase ROW-Finley & Tackett
A Microsoft Word file 21858 Lease-Cornerstone-Walnut Str Bridge
A Microsoft Word file 21859 Payment-United Pacific-Summit Landfill
A Microsoft Word file 21860 Agmt TN Human Services-Families First
A Microsoft Word file 21861 Award CSO-2-98--Crowder Constr Co
A Microsoft Word file 21862 Acquisition-ICDC-1023 East 8th Str
A Microsoft Word file 21863 Accept Grant-Allied Arts & Benwood Foundation
A Microsoft Word file 21864 ISTEA Grant-Coolidge Park-TN Riverpark
A Microsoft Word file 21865 Adopt Brainerd Town Center Plan
A Microsoft Word file 21866 Planning Add'l 120 Days-VAAP Zoning
A Microsoft Word file 21867 Agmt-Volkert & Assoc-Transportation Study
A Microsoft Word file 21868 Change Order-No. 99C
A Microsoft Word file 21869 Minority Health Awareness Month
A Microsoft Word file 21870 Acquisition-Gaston-Long & W. 26th
A Microsoft Word file 21871 Accept Surplus Property-815 N Hickory
A Microsoft Word file 21872 Revised Policy for Supp Uniform Allowance
A Microsoft Word file 21873 Award 67A-1--Mayse Constr Co
A Microsoft Word file 21874 TDOT Contr 98-261-Hamill Rd Bridge
A Microsoft Word file 21875 Reimburse Habitat for Humanity-Sewer Lines
A Microsoft Word file 21876 Temp Usage-Clock Works of Chatt
A Microsoft Word file 21877 Adopt Fort Wood, Battery Place Design Guidelines
A Microsoft Word file 21878 Agmt-Hamilton Co-Traffic Signal Controller
A Microsoft Word file 21879 Amend 1-CTI Agmt-CSO-2-98
A Microsoft Word file 21880 Change Order 1 & 2-Household Hazardous Waste
A Microsoft Word file 21881 Temp Usage-Southernbelle, LLC
A Microsoft Word file 21882 Access Ramp License Agmt-Chatt Audubon
A Microsoft Word file 21883 Grant Application-Chattem Industrial Access Hwy
A Microsoft Word file 21884 Award SL-1-98--D.R. Phillips Contracting
A Microsoft Word file 21885 Award SWM-2-98--Mayse Constr Co
A Microsoft Word file 21886 Change Order 1-SWM-3-97
A Microsoft Word file 21887 Accept 400 River Str-Tonya Memorial Foundation
A Microsoft Word file 21888 Purchase Brown Acres Golf Prop-Gruner Enterprises
A Microsoft Word file 21889 Adopt Eastdale Community Plan-Amend Horizon Plan 2010
A Microsoft Word file 21890 Agmt-UTC-TN Office Bldgs-Econ Impact Study
A Microsoft Word file 21891 Reimburse Jack Kahn-73B-1-Shrubs Removal
A Microsoft Word file 21892 Variance-Advanced Vehicle Systems
A Microsoft Word file 21893 Approve Franklin Associates Architects-City Jail
A Microsoft Word file 21894 Chatt Labeling Systems-Pymts in Lieu of Taxes
A Microsoft Word file 21895 Chattem-Pymts in Lieu of Taxes
A Microsoft Word file 21896 Change Order 1-SWM-1-97
A Microsoft Word file 21897 Change Order 1-SWM-6-97
A Microsoft Word file 21898 Change Order 1-CP-1-98
A Microsoft Word file 21899 Change Order 1-28F
A Microsoft Word file 21900 Eminent Domain-Acklin-Tract 1
A Microsoft Word file 21901 Eminent Domain-Abercrombie-Tract 2
A Microsoft Word file 21902 Eminent Domain-Young-Tract 6
A Microsoft Word file 21903 Amend 1-Dept of Army Agmt-Ross's Ldg Strmbk
A Microsoft Word file 21904 Engagement Ltr-Benchmark Hosp & Hines
A Microsoft Word file 21905 Acquisition-Henry Branch YMCA
A Microsoft Word file 21906 Personal Services Contract-Debra Siniard Stinnett
A Microsoft Word file 21907 Phases 2&3-Mike Little Prof Svcs Contract
A Microsoft Word file 21908 Agmt-TDOT-E Ridge-W Chick Creek Trail
A Microsoft Word file 21909 Award 52E--Mayse Constr Co
A Microsoft Word file 21910 Agmt-Hamilton Co-GIS Support Unit-Topo Maps
A Microsoft Word file 21911 Agmt-UTC-Stormwater Testing
A Microsoft Word file 21912 Change Order 2-BL-1-97
A Microsoft Word file 21913 Temp Usage-KZ's Wings and Things
A Microsoft Word file 21914 Temp Usage-Market Street Curator
A Microsoft Word file 21915 Temp Usage-Taqueria La Altena
A Microsoft Word file 21916 Purchase Sewer Easement-Driggans-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21917 Purchase Sewer Easement-Sawyer-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21918 Purchase Sewer Easement-Liner-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21919 Purchase Sewer Easement-Thompson-CSO-3-98
A Microsoft Word file 21920 Payment-EPB-North Terrace Overhead Lines
A Microsoft Word file 21921 Witness Fees-Hickson v. Norfolk
A Microsoft Word file 21922 Confirm Phillip W. Lynn-City Engineer
A Microsoft Word file 21923 Allocate CDBG & Home Investment Funds
A Microsoft Word file 21924 Agmt-ARCADIS-10th & 11th Street Projects
A Microsoft Word file 21925 Deed-Habitat for Humanity-Habitat Square
A Microsoft Word file 21926 Lease-Friendship Community Church
A Microsoft Word file 21927 Award RW-2-98--Mayse Constr Co
A Microsoft Word file 21928 Temp Usage-Commercial Management Corp
A Microsoft Word file 21929 Agmt-TDOT-Surface Transportation-TN Valley RR Museum
A Microsoft Word file 21930 Group Master Contract-Blue Cross Blue Shield
A Microsoft Word file 21931 Agmt-Municipal Software Corp-Better Housing
A Microsoft Word file 21932 Purchase Sewer Easements-Garrett-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21933 Purchase Sewer Easements-Conner-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21934 Purchase Sewer Easements-Wofford-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21935 Purchase Sewer Easements-Wofford-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21936 Purchase Sewer Easement-Richardson-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21937 Purchase Sewer Easement-Lowrey-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21938 Temp Usage-E. Roberts Alley & Assoc
A Microsoft Word file 21939 Lease-READ Chattanooga-Ross's Landing Park
A Microsoft Word file 21940 98-99 Conservation Svcs Agmt-Trust for Public Land
A Microsoft Word file 21941 Amendment-Street Numbering & Addressing Policy
A Microsoft Word file 21942 Extend Pers Svcs Contracts-Gary Eden & John Lewis
A Microsoft Word file 21943 Extend Pers Svcs Contract-Charles Tinker
A Microsoft Word file 21944 Lease Amendment-Air Pollution Control Bd
A Microsoft Word file 21945 Extend Time for Sigma Chi Fraternity House
A Microsoft Word file 21946 Change Order 2-CSO-4a-97
A Microsoft Word file 21947 Purchase ROW-Kayo Oil Co
A Microsoft Word file 21948 Purchase Sewer Easement-Lee-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21949 Purchase Sewer Easements-Wofford-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21950 Purchase Sewer Easements-Wise-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21951 Purchase Temp Constr Agmt-CSC Association
A Microsoft Word file 21952 Purchase Sewer Easement-Greene-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21953 PurchaseSewerEasement-Brooks-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21954 PurchaseSewerEasement-Marshall-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21955 PurchaseSewerEasement-Norman-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21956 Loan Agmt-Carter Street Corp-Parking Lot
A Microsoft Word file 21957 Recognize-Honor Chloe Garth-Elkins
A Microsoft Word file 21958 Change Order 1-SWM-5-98
A Microsoft Word file 21959 PurchaseSewerEasement-Chankij-52E
A Microsoft Word file 21960 Purch ROW-Woods-Wilcox at Roanoke
A Microsoft Word file 21961 Temp Usage-Suck Creek Cycle
A Microsoft Word file 21962 Convey 1215 Market Str To Crye-Leike Realtors
A Microsoft Word file 21963 Award SWM-3-98
A Microsoft Word file 21964 Eminent Domain-Swope Bldg Supply-Tracts 13 & 14
A Microsoft Word file 21965 Surplus Property-SW Corner-Wilson at Hickory
A Microsoft Word file 21966 Award 99D-East TN Grading, Inc.
A Microsoft Word file 21967 Change Order 1-45A
A Microsoft Word file 21968 Agmt-Farris,Mathews,et al.-Lobbying Services
A Microsoft Word file 21969 Quitclaim Deed-Hamilton Co-Hope for Chattanooga
A Microsoft Word file 21970 Agmt-Rod Robertson-Stormwater Inspection
A Microsoft Word file 21971 Agmt-Dennis Smith-Stormwater Inspection
A Microsoft Word file 21972 Change Order 1-BL-1-98
A Microsoft Word file 21973 Change Order 2-SR-1-96
A Microsoft Word file 21974 Change Order 1-28H
A Microsoft Word file 21975 Change Orders 2,3&4-37A-1
A Microsoft Word file 21976 Change Order 1-134B-1
A Microsoft Word file 21977 Payment-Laveta Seward-Reimburse for Trees and Shrubs
A Microsoft Word file 21978 Moratorium-Pine Ridge Area-Zoning Study
A Microsoft Word file 21978-A Agmt-Battlefield Abatement-Consultant Svcs
A Microsoft Word file 21979 Novated Agmt-Soil Restoration-Alternative Fuels
A Microsoft Word file 21980 Amend 2-CTI Agmt-53B-1 & 53B-2
A Microsoft Word file 21981 Donation Agmt-McGauley-Crabtree Farms
A Microsoft Word file 21982 Lease Agmt-Crabtree Farms
A Microsoft Word file 21983 NegotiatePurchase-EminDomain-TN Amer Water Co
A Microsoft Word file 21984 Revision-Urban Renewal Plan-DowntownRiverfront
A Microsoft Word file 21985 Spec Comm-Spencer Daniels
A Microsoft Word file 21986 Spec Comm-Lesley Foster
A Microsoft Word file 21987 TDOT Right of Entry-Olgiati Bridge Widening
A Microsoft Word file 21988 Donation-Pineville Elem-CADAS
A Microsoft Word file 21989 ARCADIS-Interceptor Sewer Mgmt
A Microsoft Word file 21990 CTI-Carter Street CSO-4a-97
A Microsoft Word file 21991 Change Order-No. 53B-2
A Microsoft Word file 21992 Purch Easement-Comm Dev Invest Corp
A Microsoft Word file 21994 Purch Easement-Johnson
A Microsoft Word file 21995 Purch ROW-Craft
A Microsoft Word file 21996 Rev License Agmt-East Gate
A Microsoft Word file 21997 VAAP Infrastructure Improvements
A Microsoft Word file 21998 Agmt-Artech Design-Develop Resource Ctr
A Microsoft Word file 21999 Ridgedale Community Plan-Amend Horizon Plan 2010
A Microsoft Word file 22000 Temp Use -RLR, LLC
A Microsoft Word file 22001 Expand Central Business Zone Area Boundary
A Microsoft Word file 22002 Quarles, et al. Special Commission
A Microsoft Word file 22003 Agreement-TVA-Stormwater Sampling
A Microsoft Word file 22004 Change Order-No. 28I
A Microsoft Word file 22005 Accept TDOT Proposal-153 from Hickory Valley
A Microsoft Word file 22006 High Speed Passenger Rail Svc
A Microsoft Word file 22007 Temp Use Reflection Riding
A Microsoft Word file 22008 Change Order-No. 28F
A Microsoft Word file 22009 Amend Agmt-Odell Leinart-Pavement Mgmt
A Microsoft Word file 22010 Lease Agmt-Chatt Chamber-Civic Forum
A Microsoft Word file 22011 Lease Renewal-Baker-Van Cura-Ballet TN
A Microsoft Word file 22012 Accept Proposal-TDOT-I-75 Widening
A Microsoft Word file 22013 Change Order-No. 52E
A Microsoft Word file 22014 Support New Baseball Stadium
A Microsoft Word file 22015 Agmt-TN Dept of Enviro-Recycling

City Council
1000 Lindsay Street(map)
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Phone:(423) 643-7170
Fax: (423) 643-7199



Photo by Phillip Stevens & Matt Lea