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The Chattanooga City Council is the legislative, or lawmaking, body for the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee, established by City Charter. The Council proposes legislation, provides a debate and public discourse on proposed legislation, and enacts laws that become the City Code. The City Council is composed of nine members, each being elected from one of nine districts within the geographic boundaries of the City.

The mission of the Council is to promote an ethical, inclusive environment that enhances and sustains the well-being of all the people, by encouraging citizen input and participation at all levels of City government and by providing high-quality, professsional public service that addresses community needs.

The Council holds its regular business meetings every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. (local time), where public hearings take place and legislation is considered by vote. The Council has eight committees that hold meetings to introduce legislation for the two-week agenda, hear presentations regarding proposed legislation, and give the public an opportunity to learn about proposals that might be of interest or have an effect on them. Meetings are free, open, and accessible to the public.

The Council works extensively with residents individually and within groups (i.e., neighborhood associations, community watches) in the nine districts to stay well-informed about issues affecting their districts. In addition, the City of Chattanooga has a Mayor/Council form of government, so the Council works in consultation with the Mayor, the executive staff, and department administrators.

The Administrative Office of the Council may be reached at (423) 643-7170. Additional information about the City Council may be found online:

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City Council
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Phone:(423) 643-7170
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Photo by Phillip Stevens & Matt Lea