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Marvene Noel, District 8

MNoel 1 Member page  MARVENE NOEL (District 8)
  Contact Information:
  Phone: (423) 643-7182
  Fax: (423) 643-7199
  Mailing Address:
  1000 Lindsay Street
  Chattanooga, TN 37402-4233


Councilwoman Marvene Noel was elected to represent District 8 after winning a run-off election held on September 15, 2022. Prior to this election, she served as an interim appointee for District 8, after being appointed by her eight colleagues on the Chattanooga City Council on March 8, 2022.

Her personal mantra, "She will give out before she gives up," reflects in everything she does. The Historic Orchard Knob Neighborhood has been her home for more than 30 years.

During her residency there, she has raised three marvelous children, been employed as a health professional, Past President of the Orchard Knob Neighborhood, a member of the Historic River-to-Ridge Advisory Committee, helping to design the 10-year Area Plan. She learned community involvement makes a difference in developing a plan that reflects the needs of those who live in the neighborhoods. This experience enlightened her as to the roles and responsibilities of the City and County. In addition, her active participation in the Neighborhood University programs provided her with information as to what is needed to create a strong neighborhood leadership and strong neighborhoods that serve as the foundation for the city.

As an active resident in City Council District 8 and a longtime member of the Orchard Knob Neighborhood Association, her priority is to ensure all residents in District 8 have a voice when it comes to issues impacting District 8. She believes it is imperative that decisions regarding the community are made by people that live in the community. This is needed in order to build trust in those who live in the District. It has become a regular occurrence for individuals that do not live or work in the neighborhoods to make decisions about District 8 neighborhoods.

She has worked closely with Tom Ozburn, President and CEO of Parkridge Medical System, in the revitalization of the Orchard Knob Neighborhood. Together, they created the Orchard Knob Collaborative. She has a strong desire to improve the community, which reflects in her numerous activities within her neighborhood association. Furthermore, she was successfully awarded grants that are being used to help improve the health and wellness, and home repairs of underserved community members.

As a Chattanooga resident, she has served in multiple leadership positions and boards across the city. This has provided her with the resources to develop and foster relationships with a large, diverse group of neighborhoods and business leaders. She strives to find ways to address the needs of the most vulnerable populations, including low income, retirees, youth, and the disabled.

She has served on the following boards:

  • Park Ridge Health System Board of Governors
  • League of Women Voters of Chattanooga - Director of Diversity
  • Neighborhoods Development Oversight Committee - Chattanooga Lead for Health Disparities
  • Orchard Knob Collaborative
  • East Chattanooga Community Council

In addition to her experience and extensive knowledge of the Chattanooga community, she is a highly self-motivated professional. She possesses strong communication and leadership skills along with a great sense of humor. She enjoys spending time with people and learning from life experiences. Ultimately, Councilwoman Noel works to ensure that residents work together to make all neighborhoods in District 8 a great place to live, and where neighbors feel safe and enjoy life.


District 8 consists of the following precincts:

  • Amnicola
  • Avondale
  • Bushtown
  • Courthouse 1 & 2
  • Eastside 1 & 2

Dist 8


City Council
1000 Lindsay Street(map)
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Phone:(423) 643-7170
Fax: (423) 643-7199



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