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Fine Listing

  • Citations must be paid prior to the court date or the defendant must appear in court.
  • Failure to appear may result in additional fine(s) and cost(s).
  • Acceptable payments are cash, credit cards, money orders, and checks, drawn on a local bank.  All payments must be made payable to the City Court Clerk.
  • Fines that require a state driver's license release must be paid by postal money order, cashier's check, credit card, or cash.
  • Failure to pay fines and cost may result in suspension of your driver's license. 

*Failure to pay or appear in court as scheduled, will result in a default judgment, higher court costs, and state penalties. Persons cited for parking violations who prefer to answer the charges should be aware that they may also be subject to court cost.

Parking Violations

Violation Type Paid within 10 days Paid AFTER 10 days
Restricted Parking $11.00 $41.50
Unlawful Parking $36.00 $66.50
Handicap Parking $50.00 $80.50


Traffic Violations 

Fines on the following violations are payable PRIOR to the court date 

Violation Type Fine
Anti Noise (Mufflers Violation, Only) $  109.25
Auto Registration City Only $99.00
Blocking Fire Engine $124.00
Blocking Intersection/Crosswalk $124.00
Blocking Traffic $124.00
Child Restraint $50.00
City Sticker $89.00
Cross Double Yellow Line $124.00
Cross Fire Hose $99.00
Cross Painted Lines $124.00
Cruising $124.00
Cutting In $124.00
Disregard of RR Crossing Signs $124.00
Driving Improper on Roadway $124.00
Driving on Sidewalk $124.00
Driving Wrong Side of Road $124.00
Fail to Answer Parking Citation $94.00
Fail to Answer Traffic Citation $124.00
Fail to Give Signal $99.00
Fail to Obey "No Pass" Mark $124.00
Fail to Yield Right-Of-Way (Non-Accident) $124.00
Following Too Closely $99.00
Illegal Turn $124.00
Improper Backing $99.00
Improper Driving/Divided Hwy $124.00
Improper Driving/Left of Center $124.00
Improper Lane Change $124.00
Improper Lights $89.00
Improper Pass on Left or Right $124.00
Obstruction Public Thruways $124.00
Operate Improper Vehicle on Roadway $124.00
Operating Vehicle without Adequate Horn $99.00
Operating Vehicle without Signal Device  $99.00
Red Light $124.00
Ride Motocycle Inadequate Safety Equopment $99.00
Seat Belt $25.00
Speeding UP to 25 Miles Over $124.00
Stop Sign $124.00
Tamper/Travel Closed Roads $124.00
Too Fast for Conditions (Non-Accident) $124.00
Traffic Control Device $124.00
U-Turn $124.00
Violating Minimum Speed on Interstate $  99.00
Wrong Direction One Way Street $  99.00


City Court Clerk
Courts Building
600 Market Street
Room 104
Chattanooga, TN. 37402 (map)
Access via Cherry St. entrance
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For questions about City Court:
Phone (423) 643-6311
Fax (423) 643-7587

Anthony Byrd,
City Court Clerk

(423) 643-7541

Jennifer Collins,
Deputy City Court Clerk

(423) 643-7541

Alisha Stewart,
Administrative Support Specialist
(423) 643-7541


Photo by Phillip Stevens & Matt Lea