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Early Learning

The new Department of Early Learning will manage Head Start and family child care navigators, as well as managing partnerships with Hamilton County Schools and early learning centers.

Community Forward Schools Partnership

Through a pioneering partnership with Hamilton County Schools, this budget invests more than $700,000 for the Community Forward Schools initiative to ensure students and their families can thrive by removing the barriers to academic success. Community schools use academic and non-academic data to respond to whole-child and whole-family needs, tailoring individualized services and supports for each family. City-funded staff, in seven schools within city limits, will work with principals to bring families the resources they need to support their children's social and emotional development, ensuring each child has access to safe and secure housing and even career services to open up pathways to good jobs. By directly engaging with families, students, teachers, and principals in schools and also in our city community centers, Chattanooga can ensure each child is positioned for success, both in school and in life.


Please contact Early Learning for more questions: (423-643-6096)


How Can You Advance Your Early Learning Opportunities?

President and CEO of United Way of Greater Chattanooga, Lesley Scearce, stated that early childhood education is a key stepping stone on the path to lifelong success. United Way of Greater Chattanooga recognizes that “early matters,” and that is why we are so proud to do our part in providing families with access to high-quality child care assistance through our Chattanooga Early Learning Scholarship.

United way is no longer taking applications.


Photo by Billy Weeks