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Financial Guide (PAFR)

The Financial Guide, also known as the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR), is a condensed financial report that is an overview of the City's financial position and long-standing financial practices. It identifies revenue sources and describes how they are spent in a fiscally responsible manner.

Understanding our City's financial health shouldn't require a degree in accounting, so we've designed this report to walk you through the basics in a language that makes sense.

This report is not audited, but the financial information within this report is largely taken from the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report which is audited.

The following PAFR documents are available online in PDF format:

PAFR 2023
PAFR 2022

PAFR 2021

PAFR 2020

PAFR 2019

PAFR 2018
PAFR 2017
PAFR 2016
PAFR 2015

PAFR 2014
PAFR 2013

PAFR 2012

PAFR 2011


Finance and Administration
101 East 11th Street Suite 101
Chattanooga, TN 37402(map)

Javaid Majid
City Finance Officer
(423) 643-7368

Vickie Haley
Interim Deputy Administrator
(423) 643-7370

Brian Smart, CPA, CGFM
Operations Manager

(423) 643-7390

Fredia Forshee, CPA, CGFM
Director of Management & Budget Analysis

(423) 643-7380

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