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Tactical Services


910 Wisdom Street
Chattanooga, TN 37406

The Chattanooga Fire Department's (CFD) Special Operations Division, also referred to as Tactical Services, oversees special operations response and training for technical rescue operations, including:

The Special Operations Division works closely with the CFD Operations and Training Divisions, as well as other departments and agencies to coordinate special operations for the fire department.

Trench rescue training

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Urban Search and Rescue Team
The CFD Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Team responds to many different types of technical rescue. These rescuers are firefighters that have received extensive training in these disciplines, including breaching and breaking, confined space entry and rescue, structural collapse rescue, high/low angle rope rescue, and trench/excavation collapse rescue. Often times, these disciplines meld together on scene, depending on the needed response.

The specialized USAR Team is comprised of firefighters who have received extensive training in each of the technical rescue areas, along with the apparatus and technical rescue equipment required to operate in high-hazard rescue environments.

Rope rescue pick off

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Hazardous Materials Emergency Incident Response
Each member of the Chattanooga Fire Department has been trained to the required First Responders Awareness and Operations Levels for hazardous materials emergency response. They routinely respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances to protect nearby people, property, and/or the environment from the effects of the release.  They are trained to respond in a defensive fashion, initiating protective actions, which include containment of the release from a safe distance, keeping it from spreading, and preventing exposures.

The Chattanooga Fire Department Hazardous Materials Incident Response Team includes personnel who have been trained to the Hazardous Materials Technician Level.  The Hazardous Materials Incident Response Team responds to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances with specialized tools, equipment, and chemical protective clothing. They may be involved in defensive operations, initiating protective actions, or more offensive operations, which can include approaching the point of release to assess damage, plug, patch, or if possible stop the release or contain a hazardous substance.

Hazmat training

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Marine Fire and Rescue
The CFD Marine Division entails one 27' Boston Whaler that is trailered at Station 10. Fireboat 1 is strategically located to accommodate emergency response above and below Chickamauga Dam. The firefighters on board are trained to perform fire suppression, EMS, and rescue from the boat.

CFD Fireboat

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Emergency Medical Services
The CFD routinely responds to emergency medical incidents. Each of the department's fire stations are staffed and equipped to quickly respond and provide basic emergency medical care until an ambulance unit from Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services (HCEMS) arrives on the scene for transport of the patient to local hospitals. The CFD operates to the state-certified EMT-IV level of care.

EMS training

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Vehicle Extrication
The Chattanooga Fire Department operates five Squad units, which are equipped to perform vehicle extrication and rescue.  The Squad units maintain an inventory of specialized tools and equipment, which are used to extricate persons from entrapment in automobile and industrial accidents.

Vehicle extrication scene

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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
The CFD has taken a leadership role in the development of many of the emergency preparedness and Homeland Security initiatives in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, and the southeast region of Tennessee. These initiatives include the establishment of local and regional capabilities to respond to large-scale disasters or terrorism incidents. These include hazardous materials and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) response, the USAR team, mass casualty/fatality incident management units, decontamination units, the marine fire-rescue vessel and the area's Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS). The CFD is also an active participant on the Hamilton County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). This group is active in the planning and preparation for emergencies, which may occur within the community.


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