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For the second time in a week, the Chattanooga Fire Department responded to a dumpster fire behind the Goodwill Store on Highway 58.

At 9 PM on Monday (12/7/20), multiple passersby called 911to report seeing black smoke and flames coming from a large dumpster behind the commercial structure located at 4850 Highway 58.

Responding firefighters spotted the fire from HWY 58 and forced entry through the gate that closes off the back parking lot. They attacked the dumpster blaze and got it out.

Thankfully, the fire did not make it inside the building. There was some exterior damage to a back door that turned black from smoke and heat damage. Everything in the dumpster burned, as well as some debris around it.

An investigator was called to the scene due to the fact that there have been multiple fires at the same location.

Engine 4, Ladder 19, Ladder 7, Quint 10, Quint 6, Quint 8,Squad 7, Battalion 2, Battalion 3 (Green Shift) and CFD Investigations responded. Mutual Aid helped provide coverage at our fire stations.

Last Monday (11/30/20), CFD crews found a dumpster and tractor trailer on fire behind the store and worked quickly to get the flames under control and extinguished. A cargo bay door was also damaged. Only smoke was found inside the Goodwill and the building was ventilated. Both fires are under investigation.

Goodwill 58 fire again 3

The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to a fire at a vacant home under construction late Monday night.

The call came in at 10:54 PM regarding a house in the 6500 block of Shallowford Road.

First responding units found light smoke coming from the structure upon arrival and a small fire inside.

A party was leaving the home as crews were making entry. CPD took the party into custody and they were transported to the hospital by HCEMS for evaluation.

The fire was contained to some construction materials. Battalion 1, Battalion 2, Ladder 13, Ladder 7, Quint 21, Quint 6, Quint 8, Squad 7, CPD and HCEMS responded. A CFD investigator was called to the scene as well to determine the cause.

shallowford vacant house fire

A Goodwill location is starting off the week dealing with some damage from a dumpster fire.

It happened at 5:18 AM Monday at the Goodwill Store on Highway 58 (4850 TN-58). Multiple witnesses called it in and advised that the “fire was going strong in the dumpster" behind the building.

The flames also caught a trailer next to the building on fire and burned a cargo bay door.

Quint 6 pulled up and found a large construction dumpster and tractor trailer on fire.

Firefighting operations were launched as other companies arrived on the scene. A water supply was quickly established and firefighters set up on each side to get the fire out.

Thankfully, only smoke was found in the interior of the Goodwill building and it was ventilated.

There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation. We appreciate the help of vigilant citizens who notified 911 and helped get our crews to the scene with vital information about what they were seeing.

Engine 4, Quint 6, Quint 10, Quint 8, Squad 7, Ladder 9, Ladder 7, Fire Investigations, Fire Prevention, Battalion 2 and Battalion 3 responded.

Goodwill 58 fire 2

On Saturday afternoon, the Tennessee Highway Patrol requested CFD to help assess a building on Highway 58 after a car crashed through the front of the unoccupied commercial structure.

It happened around 3:15 PM at 4935 Highway 58.

When Quint 6 and Battalion 2 arrived on the scene, they found that a passenger car had come to rest inside the vacant business. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured and in THP custody.

Firefighters swept up a large amount of glass from the glass storefront being shattered. There did not appear to be any structural issues. The owner of the building was contacted and came to the scene. A wrecker removed the vehicle.

car into 58 building

The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to Shallowford Road Saturday after receiving reports that flames and heavy black smoke were coming from a home in the 400 block.

It happened at 12:33 AM. Responding units found a working fire at the residence and started attacking it.

Firefighters worked to get the flames knocked down and searches of the structure were conducted. No one was found inside.

There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Ladder 5, Squad 13, Engine 15, Engine 5, Ladder 13, Quint 6, Battalion 2, Battalion 1, Battalion 3, CPD, EPB, HCEMS, CFD Investigations and CFD Supply were on the scene.

Shallowford Road house fire

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