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On 01/10/18 at 8:20pm, Chattanooga Fire Department was called to respond to 1819 E. 26th Street on a reported structure fire. During their response they were notified that the structure was a large shed but that the fire had also extended to a house sitting close to it (1817 E. 26th St.) The fire had also spread to surrounding shrubs and trees. Upon arrival, several crews began a fire attack on the shed and trees from one side and other fire crews set up exposure protection on the other side. Meanwhile, more crews entered the exposed residence at 1817 E. 26th St. and determined that fire was on the second floor and in the attic. After a primary search of the residence, firefighters were quickly able to bring the fire under control and as well as the shed and tree fire.

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Chattanooga, Tenn. -- Norfolk Southern has been identified as the source of the fuel spill that was discovered late Monday afternoon. The spill originated from DeButts Yard and Norfolk Southern has taken responsibility for the spill and has assured city, state and federal authorities this afternoon that it is making every effort to minimize the impact on Citico Creek and the Tennessee River.

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Chattanooga, Tenn. -- Around 6:30 last night, the Chattanooga Fire Department (CFD) was notified a petroleum spill at Citico Creek near the mouth of the Tennessee River. CFD, the City's Public Works Department, and City Engineering are now working with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), and the Coast Guard as well as HEPACO on clean up and remediation, as well as on identifying the material, and its source.

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Chattanooga, Tenn. -- At 5:03 p.m. today, the Chattanooga Fire Department was dispatched to a reported fire at the CoreCivic Silverdale Detention Facility on Standifer Gap Road. Captain Kevin Carpenter, the incident commander, said the fire was located in an individual jail cell. Chattanooga firefighters took in portable fire extinguishers and put the fire out in roughly five minutes.

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As we reported in the news release (below), a family of six lived in the house that was destroyed this morning at 1048 Hurricane Creek Drive, including a husband, wife and four children. They lost everything in the fire and there are unconfirmed reports that they did not have insurance.

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