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Treatment Plant Page 03

The Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant division of the Interceptor Sewer System is comprised of four divisions:  Liquids Handling, Solids Handling, Pump Stations and Plant Maintenance.

Liquids Handling:  The Moccasin Bend WWTP is a major regional treatment facility that processes both liquids and solids in the wastewater 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.  It is designed to treat 140 MGD (million gallons/day) with a peak hydraulic capacity of 220 MGD.

Solids Handling:  The Moccasin Bend WWTP produces approximately 70,000 wet tons of biosolids per year.  The solids handling portion of the plant includes the following unit processes:  sludge blending, chemical conditioning and sludge dewatering (filter press and centrifuges).  The combination of these processes reduces the solid pollutants and by-products removed from the liquids processes to a suitable form for disposal.  The biosolids are land applied.

Plant Maintenance:  The Plant Maintenance staff is responsible for all maintenance activities (mechanical, electrical, buildings and grounds) associated with the liquids and solids treatment processes at the wastewater treatment plant and the remote wastewater and stormwater pumping stations.  The Interceptor Sewer System has a maintenance program that includes predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance.  A computerized data management system is used for scheduling and documenting maintenance activities.    

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Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea