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About RainSmart

RainSmart is a collection of programs aimed at helping Chattanooga residents to become better educated on best land stewardship practices for water quality & stormwater reduction, as well as offering incentives to eligible City residents for installing rain barrels, rain gardens, native plantings, & becoming “creek-friendly yards”.


RainSmart’s goals: 

  • Public education and outreach on best practices for individuals and households to reduce stormwater pollution
  • Encourage public involvement 
  • Reduction of stormwater runoff into the City’s storm sewer system. What is stormwater runoff? It’s rain water that falls on impervious surfaces (such as your roof, driveway, the road etc.) and doesn't get absorbed into the ground. This excess water then runs off those surfaces and can carry with it any pollutants it picks up along the way like trash, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, sediment (soil), e. coli, etc. into our creeks and streams! Stormwater runoff can also add to erosion & flooding issues as it overburdens our natural waterways 


Programs included in RainSmart:

Click the logos below to see details on each program

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 Rain garden reimbursement program

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Rain barrel reimbursement program


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Native planting reimbursement program


RS yards logowaterways

This program is a collaboration between the City's Water Quality Program & WaterWays. It is a residential award program helping people understand what they can do to improve the health of local water ways and the ecosystem starting in their own yards. Awards are given to creek friendly yards, & eligible City residents can potentially receive a 25-75% reduction on their annual water quality fee

RainSmart Yards & NoogaKnox Challenge 2022

Chattanooga and Knoxville are linked together in many ways, maybe most importantly by the flowing waters of the Tennessee River. The NoogaKnox Challenge is an effort created by a consortium of university, municipal, nonprofit, and industry professionals in Knoxville and Chattanooga. We are striving to motivate all Tennesseans to take an active role in the health of our streams and rivers. Become RainSmart Yards certified to join the challenge!




Subsidized price rain barrels for eligible City of Chattanooga residents


Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea