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What are your office hours and where are you located?

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we are located at 101 E. 11th Street, Suite 201. We are on the second floor of City Hall.

I have to come to your office to take a test.  Do you have free parking?

No, parking is not provided. However, parking meters and private parking facilities near our building are available.

I currently live in Georgia.  Can I apply for jobs with the City, and if hired, can I live in Georgia since I'm so close to the state border?

You do not have to be a Tennessee resident to apply for a job, but you must be a Tennessee resident on your first day of work, if hired. This is a provision of the City's charter and is not negotiable.

Will you accept just my resume or must I complete an application?

A completed application is required for most positions to formally apply for a job. The additional information provided by an application is needed to verify your employment history and qualifications.

What do you mean by "closing date?"

The closing date is the last day we will accept applications for a specific position. Applications received after that date will not be considered for the position.

I saw a job I wanted to apply for, but it is listed under "Internal Openings" and I don't work for the City.  Can I apply for it?

No, this job is only offered to current City employees. The City encourages its employees to apply for promotional opportunities so that they may have a lifelong career with the City. However, sometimes an internal candidate cannot be found, so the job might be reposted to the general public if that happens.

I applied for a job with the City three months ago.  Can I use that application to apply for another job?

No. We require a separate application for each position. However, with our new applicant tracking system, you can store your application information and apply for new positions by sending your stored information.

What is the basic hiring process?

Our staff reviews applications and either schedules an exam or evaluates candidates against the minimum qualifications. After testing or review, we then refer the top candidates to the department for interviews as needed. If a selection is made, the placement officer usually makes the official job offer to the candidate chosen. We then notify candidates not chosen that the position has closed.

I have applied for a job.  How can I find out what is happening with my application?

You are welcome to contact the Personnel Office at any time about your application. We will direct you to the placement officer for the position, who can update you on how the job is progressing.

A salary range is displayed on the job announcement.  If I am selected, does this mean I will be paid at the maximum rate?

No. Employees are hired at the minimum rate unless otherwise authorized -- if your qualifications exceed the basic requirements or in other special circumstances. The salary range is listed to show the current range of future increases available to this position. Salary ranges are reviewed annually, however, so the rates posted may increase at budget time subject to funding availability.

I am a Vietnam era veteran.  Do I get any extra veteran's points in the selection process?

No. We do not use veteran's points in our selection process.

For Firefighter and Police Officer Applicants:

Are there any additional documents I must submit with my application?

Yes, we require copies of the following documents: birth certificate, driver's license, DD214 (for applicants with military experience), and high school diploma or GED.

Does the Fire Department have a lateral entry program?

No, not at this time.

What does the background investigation consist of?

Test scores, preliminary interview results, polygraph exam, reference contacts, past employer contacts, credit history check, school verifications, military records check (if applicable), and neighborhood interviews.

Is a physical examination required?

A comprehensive medical exam, a 2-phase psychological evaluation, and a final interview are conducted after a job offer has been extended with the stipulation that the applicant must pass these three phases to be hired.

How long is the police academy?

20 weeks. Upon graduating from the academy, you go through a three month field training program.

How long is the fire academy?

Six months

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