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Employee Benefits

The City of Chattanooga has combined our historical emphasis on a competitive benefits plan with new features to meet the needs of today's workforce. We strive to offer our employees the best health plan we can afford; We have a generous defined benefit pension plan that avoids the risks inherent in most companies' 401(k) plans; We have a flexible paid time off (PTO) program that can be used as needed for health, family or personal reasons, banked for later use or paid off on leaving the City; We have an employee wellness plan that offers a free clinic, a free employee fitness center, classes and wellness programs, and incentives to those who live a healthy lifestyle; We offer free term life insurance and an accidental death or dismemberment policy; We also have other benefits such as tuition reimbursement, flexible spending accounts, an employee assistance program, and more.

For further information on City of Chattanooga employee benefits, contact the Benefits Office at: (423) 643-7220.  Their address is

City Hall Annex

100 East 11th Street, Suite 301

Chattanooga, TN 30702

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or visit the City of Chattanooga Benefits Center Website

Human Resources
2nd Floor City Hall
101 E. 11th Street (ap)
Chattanooga, TN 37402

(423) 643-7200
(423) 643-7226


Employee Benefits
Phone (423) 643-7220

Wellness Division
Phone (423) 643-6441

Safety Division
Phone (423) 643-7204


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