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Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Advisory Comittee

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March 2024 minutes 
April 2024 mintues

In March of 2024, Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors hosted the first-ever Parks and Outdoors Advisory Committee. 

The Parks & Outdoors Advisory Committee will provide enhanced resident engagement in the city’s park system, informing management activities such as park maintenance and planning, recreation programming, fee structures, and expanding access to parks, outdoor and recreation resources, and help the City expand collaborative relationships with partners, donors, volunteers, and residents.

Appointment of this Committee was one of the key recommendations of the 2023 Parks and Outdoors Plan (POP) that the City Council adopted unanimously in 2023. The Committee will also provide leadership to help Chattanooga become the first National Park City in North America.

The 15-member committee’s membership was selected from over 180 applicants. Nine of the members were appointed by City Council members by district, and six members were appointed by Mayor Tim Kelly. The Mayor’s appointments include a youth member under the age of 21.

"Chattanooga is known for its parks and outdoors, but we can't just rely on our reputation. We have to keep improving, and this group of 15 volunteer public servants will be crucial to our work," said Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly. "The Park Advisory Committee will bring together our city's diverse communities to make our parks and outdoor assets the best in America and implement our Parks and Outdoors Plan. With their help, Chattanooga will become America’s First National Park City.”

Below are the Advisory Committee members. 

Mayoral Appointees: 

Linda Moss Mines (Chair) 
Why? "The chance to connect and learn from citizens of all ages and interests! I want Chattanooga to be OUR National Park in a City and making that dream a reality is a worthwhile challenge. I love to be inspired by a joint vision and work with an amazing team. I’m on that team."

Stephen Culp
Why? See above about the “bounty of the commons”... Parks are vital to physical, mental, and community health - and a resource we can all share and enjoy. What better place to go all-in with than Chattanooga, the world’s next National Park City?

Erika Roberts
Why? I'm a Black woman & I go to parks. Historically, Black people weren't allowed in them ultimately building a narrative of not feeling wanted in those spaces. I want to help change that mindset. I'm filling this form out FROM A PARK.

Dreama Campbell
Why? My love for Chattanooga and making it more outdoor-friendly

Meghan Ploch

Mayoral Youth Appointee: Lillie Barrie
Why? I am passionate about citizen and youth participation in government, as well as access to parks for all! I am interested in learning about Chattanooga city government from the inside through this experience, and contribute a youth perspective to our conversations, deliberations, and decisions!

District 1 
Robert Geier

Why? Watching careless high density development over the last ten years erode scenic locations and sprawl away from the city. Our planning process needs to include open park space.

District 2
Anna Hall

Why? I am most excited about strengthening existing and new opportunities for children to access parks and outdoor activities safely and easily. I believe that safe and easy access to the outdoors for kids is an absolute imperative for any community to thrive.

District 3
Terry Lee
Why? Seeing people enjoying their families and friends together in our outdoor community spaces.

District 4
Paul Darr

Why? The inspiring part to me, is that this group of leaders will help to shape and mold parks and outdoors within our city. Our commitment and collaborative spirit are unmatched, and we are very excited to get started and help to reach the city's mission to become the first National Park City in America. Challenge excepted!

District 5
Dank Hawkins, Jr

District 6 
Melissa Lozano Lykes

District 7
Adam Kinsey

As Chattanooga becomes more dense with infill development projects the connectivity to existing parks and the creation of new parks will become very important. My hope is that all residents have a safe walk to green space that they can enjoy. Our parks should be a hub of community activity that neighborhoods can grow and thrive around.

District 8
Shelby Meek (Vice Chair)

District 9
Angie Reed-Thomas

Why? By serving on such a committee, individuals can advocate for the inclusion of cultural amenities, programming, and recreational opportunities that reflect the diversity of the community. This not only enhances the overall experience of the parks but also promotes inclusivity and social cohesion. Additionally, diverse representation can help identify and address any barriers to access that certain groups may face, ultimately contributing to more equitable and vibrant outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy.

If you have questions for the committee, please reach out to the committee be emailing 


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