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Thank you for hosting your special event in Chattanooga! We look forward to working with you to create a successful and safe experience for your audience and the City of Chattanooga! 

Because every special event is unique, it’s important that you consult with the Special Events Division as soon as your plan starts developing. Large-scale and/or first-year events need more time to plan than smaller, seasoned events. 

A permit is required to hold events such as festivals, parades, walks, athletic events, or block parties on public rights-of-way (City streets, sidewalks, alleys, or easements). Permits are also required to hold outdoor public events on private property and on other City-owned properties (parks, lakes, the Tennessee River, the Walnut Street Bridge, etc.). Information and applications included in this packet pertain to the most common events. 

The goal of the Office of Special Events is to help make the coordination of your event in Chattanooga as seamless as possible.

Please review the Special Event Planning Guide prior to submitting your application. 

Need help? Check out our how to guide. 


The deadline to submit your ITA is a maximum of 365 days and a minimum of 60 days ahead of your event.

An Intent to Apply (ITA) is the first step in permitting your special event. This short application is for City agencies to review your proposed event based on your brief overview of what you're planning. Once all agencies have signed off on approval of your ITA, you will then receive an auto-generated email directing you to fill out the full Special Event Application. This application may seem overwhelming at first, but we believe that having as much information as we can from applicants helps ensure a safe and successful event for you and attendees, and our dedicated team of officials to support you in your work! 

To begin your Intent to Apply, create an account within our system to get started


Once you have completed the ITA, and have been approved to complete the full Special Event Application, you will be sent an email from the Administrator with a link to your full application. Please make sure you have as much of the following information as possible before proceeding with the full application process: 

  • Park Reservation - If your event is taking place in a City of Chattanooga park, you will need to reserve your space before proceeding with the full application to ensure you have the space you need for your event. Please reserve your space if your event will take place in a public park
  • Site Map - Marking up a screenshot of a Google map is a great place to start, but you can contact the Division of Special Events & Programming if you need help creating your map.
    • At a minimum, site maps should show the following:
      • Fencing, if applicable
      • Portable restrooms and sinks
      • Trash and recycling containers and dumpsters
      • Storm drains and run-off containment 
      • Water stations, water, and ice supplies
      • Generators and other sources of electricity
      • Fuel storage facilities
      • Placement of any vehicles and/or trailers including production and shuttle areas
      • Stages and entertainment areas
      • Inflatables, mechanical rides, climbing walls, obstacle courses, games, children/teen areas, sport demonstrations, and other activities 
      • Tents, canopies, and/or booths. Booth identification of all vendors cooking with flammable gas of any kind
      • Tables, seating, and other furniture
      • Parking, accessible parking, drop-off, limo/taxi/rideshare zone, and shuttle locations, etc. 
  • Number and types of vendors - arts, crafts, food, etc. We know this number may change, but provide as much detail as you have when filling out your application. 
    • Note that all food vendors may be subject to inspection by the Chattanooga Fire Department and Hamilton County Health Department
  • Insurance Requirements - You will need to submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming the City of Chattanooga as additionally insured less than 30 days out from your event. 

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City of Chattanooga - Special Events
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