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SCM Inspection & Maintenance

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What is a SCM?

Stormwater Control Measures refer to what is defined by EPA as "a technique, measure, or structural control that is used for a given set of conditions to manage the quantity and improve the quality of stormwater runoff in the most cost-effective manner."


What does the City require for SCMs?


1. An Inspection & Maintenance Agreement, or IMA

In accordance with Ordinance 11883: Property owners of sites that were developed or retrofitted after September 26th, 2006 to include SCMs on the property, are required to have signed an agreement with the City called an Inspection & Maintenance Agreement or IMA.

This document must be signed, notarized, and recorded. It must include the correct ancillary documentsAncillary documents included in the IMA that help the property owner & the City to better keep up with maintenance needs:

  • Exhibit A: Legal Description of property
  • Exhibit B: Plan for maintenance procedures, called a Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP).
  • Exhibit C: Map of the site with SCMs labeled.

What does an IMA look like?

How do I know if my property has an IMA?


2. Quarterly Inspection Reports

All SCMs shall be inspected at least quarterly.

Some SCMs may be required to be inspected more frequently- if the site has an IMA, check the Exhibit B (LTMP) for inspection frequency. The inspection reports are to be submitted annually to the City Water Quality Program. A submission of at least 4 reports make an "Annual Report".

How do I submit an Annual Report? 


3. Certification for Completing Inspection & Maintenance Forms *NEW*

Beginning 2021, all inspection and maintenance forms shall be signed by a certified individual. The City shall consider an individual as certified to sign inspection & maintenance forms for SCMs only if they have completed the State Course trainings.

The State Course - UT SCM Inspection & Maintenance Course is a paid 2 day technical workshop requiring individuals to pass a test before being certified. Two to three classes per year are typically offered in various cities around the state.


Need help completing or understanding the City of Chattanooga's I&M forms?


Who is certified to sign these inspection reports?

The link below is a list of companies & individuals who have completed both trainings and are certified by the City to perform SCM inspection and/or maintenance.

This list contains companies with varying abilities and degrees of expertise. It is recommended that a property owner obtain at least three bids prior to contracting with a company. The City does not recommend or endorse one company over another. If the company you're currently using or desire to use is not on the list, you may have that company contact the Water Quality Program ( to obtain information about or RSVP for the next scheduled workshop.


I've attended some trainings, but I am unsure of which ones. How do I know which certifications I have?

  • If you are a company or individual who performs inspections or maintenance on SCMs, refer to our Certification List to see which trainings you have completed


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