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Street Construction

Due to streets that may deteriorate from normal use, rain, and extreme temperatures, City crews inspect damage and issues that may impede safe driving.

Street construction includes the following:

  • Alley maintenance
  • Berm repair & installation
  • Curb repair & installation
  • Sidewalk repair & installation
  • Street resurfacing
  • Pothole filling

Citizens may contact 311 at 423-643-6311 or visit to report street issues.

What causes a pothole?
During a freeze and subsequent thaw, the ground expands and pushes into the pavement.  As the temerature rises, the ground returns to its normal level when the pavement stays the same height which causes a gap.  Passing vehicles cause the higher level pavement to crack and fall into the hollow ground.

 Pothole Repair 2

Reasons for a pothole:

  • Temperature fluxuations
  • Vehicle traffic
  • Water


Since Mayor Kelly took office in April 2021:

  • Public Works crews have filled more than 40,000 potholes.
  • The City cleared its backlog of pothole requests through 311 and began proactively scanning streets to fill new potholes as they appear.
  • The City acquired a new pothole repair truck, expanding repair capabilities.
  • The City hired a new pothole inspector who leads reviews of all city streets to find and identify locations for pothole patching, or if the need is bigger, writes work orders for more intense repair treatments.
Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea