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Welcome to Neighborhood Services & Development

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Who We Are

The City of Chattanooga’s Neighborhood Services & Development Division (NSD) works to empower Chattanooga’s neighborhoods by initiating, supporting, and connecting Neighborhood Associations to each other in order to advance neighborhood improvement, overall quality of life, and local democracy. 


Mission: To Empower Chattanooga’s Neighborhoods

Vision: A city of healthy and thriving neighborhoods practicing local democracy. 

Our Vision

We have a simple vision: a city of healthy and thriving neighborhoods practicing local democracy. We want to achieve a city where all neighborhoods have access to the essential services they need in order to thrive like grocery stores, pharmacies, infrastructure, living wage jobs, and affordable housing for all. And most importantly, we want a city where everyday people like you take ownership of their communities and collaborate with their neighbors and fellow Chattanoogans to get results. 

We believe your voice should be heard. And we believe a great way to do that is through Neighborhood Associations.


What We Do

Our work begins and ends with the Neighborhood Associations - voluntary groups of everyday people who work to make their neighborhood a better place to live. Neighborhood Associations have a long history in Chattanooga. In their current form, Neighborhood Associations began to develop in the middle to late 1900s in response to substantial changes in development across the city. Today, there are over 100+ registered Neighborhood Associations spanning every district of the City. And while Chattanooga’s Neighborhood Associations are just as diverse as the communities they represent, they all have a common goal - improving overall neighborhood life.

Here’s how we help Neighborhood Associations accomplish their missions: 

  • We help start Neighborhood Associations. Anyone who lives in Chattanooga can start a Neighborhood Association with their fellow neighbors. You don’t have to ask permission from us to get started, but we’d love to show you how others have done it! An experienced Neighborhood Relations Specialist can guide you every step of the way.

  • We help support Neighborhood Associations. We work everyday to support Chattanooga’s Neighborhood Associations. From attending meetings and being on-call to help neighborhood leaders get answers and solutions to problems they are facing, our staff are always coming up with innovative ways to support our friends on the ground. Check this space for more details on the Neighborhood Association Support Program, Roundtables, the Neighborhood Action Grant, our leadership development program, and so much more.

  • We help Chattanoogans get connected to their Neighborhood
    Want to get involved in your Neighborhood Association but don’t know how? We’re the place to start! Are you a Neighborhood Association leader and want to collaborate with other groups and form alliances to solve problems? We’re here for you.


Department of Equity & Community Engagement

101 E. 11th Street
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Neighborhood Services

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Photo by Billy Weeks