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Welcome to Neighborhood Services & Development

What is Neighborhood Services? The City of Chattanooga’s Neighborhood Services and Development Division is dedicated to maintaining Chattanooga's neighborhoods by fostering community partnerships, cultivating neighborhood-based leadership, and engaging with neighbors to identify solutions in order to maintain living environments that enhance the quality of life for all residents.

How does Neighborhood Services work? Neighborhood Relations Specialists act as liaisons between community leaders and the city government to assist with the formation of neighborhood associations and neighborhood improvement projects. Neighborhood Services works with neighborhood associations, community groups, and other interdepartmental services in Chattanooga to create pathways and connections to opportunities that help neighbors get support and solutions.

What is a Neighborhood Association? Neighborhood Associations (NAs) are community organizations that represent a neighborhood or subdivision within the City of Chattanooga. NAs have defined boundaries, membership, elected officers, and bylaws or governing documents. The main goal of a Neighborhood Association is to improve the neighborhood and advocate for improved quality of life for its residents.

What are the benefits of registering as a Neighborhood Association? An organized and active Neighborhood Association can have a powerful impact on the quality of life of its residents. NAs can advocate for their communities to elected officials and policymakers and can petition the City Council, County Commission, and other government bodies on important issues. Registering with Neighborhood Services enables our division to assign a dedicated Neighborhood Relations Specialist to serve you for technical support and system-wide advocacy. Our staff will work to keep your organization up to date on the latest City information and grants opportunities along with working with you to problem-solve on issues faced by your neighborhood.

How do I register my organization as a Neighborhood Association? If you'd like to register your organization as a Neighborhood Association, simply see the links above or click HERE. Please fill out all the information and attach a copy of your bylaws if available. A representative from Neighborhood Services will get back with you shortly!

Can Homeowners Associations register? Yes, homeowners associations located within Chattanooga city limits are encouraged to register as Neighborhood Associations. Registration with the City will have no impact on your organizational status or restrictive covenants. On the upside, registration will let City officials connect you to valuable resources and key advocacy opportunities. HOAs can simply fill in their information on the available Google Forms sheet and a NSD staff will be assigned to you.

Do Neighborhood Associations have to be nonprofit organizations? No, you do not need a formal classification of nonprofit status from the IRS to qualify as a Neighborhood Association. You do not need to be incorporated either. Your level of organizational complexity is entirely up to you. Some NAs find it useful to register as a non-profit organization in order to take advantage of financial opportunities; however, it is entirely optional. If you are interested in learning how to obtain nonprofit status for your NA please contact your NSD representative.

What’s next? What if I have questions? Neighborhood Associations speak as the voice of the community. As the Neighborhood Services Division, we are here to serve you and help you advocate for your neighborhood. Our staff are ready to meet with your organization and can attend your regular meetings. If you have any questions, please contact Perrin Lance, NSD manager, at 423-567-5389 or email at We are here to serve you!  


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