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Bulky Trash Collection

Common Acceptable Items

BBQ Grills Heavy Appliances
Carpet Large toys
Carpet padding Mattresses

Water Heaters 




NOT Acceptable Items* 

55 gallon drums Hot materials
Auto parts Household garbage
Block Insulation
Brick Liquids      
Building materials Lumber
Compressed gas tanks Propane tanks
Concrete Railroad ties
Cross ties Recyclables
Dirt Tile
Drywall Tires
Cardboard Boxes Pallets
Hazardous materials

 Glass and Mirrors


Collection Method

  • Solid Waste collection as it pertains to brush, bulk trash, and leaves will now be collected by areas.
  • The city is broken down into 4 areas: Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, and Area 4
  • To view your area for pick up click here
  • All collection trucks will stay in an area for a week
  • This service is NOT offered to businesses, apartment complexes, or landlords.
  • You, or a relative must live at the address requesting service.
  • Material must not be mixed with household garbage, railroad ties, treated wood or brush.
  • Do not approach collection trucks.
  • Place items separate from household items and at least 5-feet away from other stationary objects
  • Bulk trash should be placed as near as practicable to a public street in front of the residence.
  • Do not place bulk trash on street parking areas, drainage clean-outs, any sidewalk or drainage ditch.
  • Do not place bulk trash over water meters or low hanging wires. 
  • Do not place bulk trash in alleyways.


Brush and Bulk Trash Collection


Chattanooga, Tenn., Residents will no longer call 311 to schedule brush and bulk trash collection services. We're optimizing our collection methods for yard waste and bulk trash to ensure all areas receive collection. We have divided the city into four service areas to ensure every street receives collection. Collection trucks will remain in each area on a weekly basis before rotating to the next area.


Residents should prepare their yard waste and bulk trash by separating piles for removal the week collection trucks will be in their area.  You should prepare yard waste and bulk trash to be at the curb no later than Monday morning (7:00 am). 

Additionally, signs will be posted at major intersections within that week's service area. 

You can also view your service area by entering your address at


We will begin picking up in the following areas and on the following dates:





2023/24 Brush and Bulk Collection Schedule

  •  Area 1: Lookout Valley, St Elmo, Alton Park, East Lake (Blue)


     November 6 – November 17 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

     January 2 – January 12 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

     February 26 – March 1

     March 25 – March 29

     April 22 – April 26

     May 20 – May 24

     June 17 – June 21

     July 15 – July 19

     August 12 – August 16

     September 9 – September 13

     October 7 – October 11


  •  Area 2: North Chattanooga, Hixson (Green)


     November 20 – December 1 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

     January 16 – January 26 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

     March 4 – March 8

     April 1 – April 5

     April 29 – May 3

     May 27- May 31

     June 24 – June 28

     July 22 – July 26

     August 19 – August 23

     September 16 – September 20

     October 14 – October 18


  •  Area 3: Brainerd, East Chattanooga (Yellow)


December 4 – December 15 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

January 29 – February 9 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

March 11 – March 15

April 8 – April 12

May 6 – May 10

June 3 – June 7

July 1 – July 5

July 29 – August 2

August 26 – August 30

September 23 – September 27

October 21 – October 25


  •  Area 4: East Brainerd. Highway 58 (Orange)


December 18 – December 29 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

      February 12 – February 23 (2 Consecutive Weeks)

      March 18 – March 22

      April 15 – April 19

      May 13 – May 17

      June 10 – June 14

      July 8 – July 12

      August 5 – August 9

      September 2 – September 6

      September 30 – October 4

      October 28 – November 1

Below is a comprehensive list of how to set out your brush, loose leaves, and bulk trash.

  • Piles should be positioned as close as possible to a public street in front of the residence without blocking the roadway, sidewalks, drainage ditches, or catch basins.
  • Wood waste may not be larger than eight feet in length, eighteen inches in diameter, or four ft. in height.
  • Bulk, brush, wood, and yard waste must be separated into their own piles and not be intermixed with other refuse. 


To see a full list of guidelines, visit our website at


About The City of  Chattanooga Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works consists of several divisions including: Street Maintenance Division, Street and Traffic Division, Engineering Division, Development Review and Permitting Division, Stormwater Division, and Wastewater Division. The Department is responsible for planning, developing and maintaining the City's infrastructure, treating wastewater, and collecting solid waste and materials for recycling.


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