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Leaf Collection


The City of Chattanooga Department of Public Works will begin collecting loose leaves on-demand from residents beginning on Monday, October 21, 2019.

Loose leaf collection service may be requested by city residents through the following actions;

  1. Call 311 at 423-643-6311,
  2. Request loose leaf collection online,
  3. CHATT311 App on your Apple or Android device,
  4. Email 311 at

Loose leaves should be separated from bagged yard waste, brush and bulky items. Loose leaves should be placed on the curb. Residents should not rake leaves over storm drains, catch basins or curbs inlets to prevent flooding.

Bagged Yard Waste Collection
Residents may request bagged yard waste collection by calling 311 or visiting throughout the year.

Wood Recycle and Compost Waste Facility
Leaves and brush may also be disposed of at the Wood Recycling Center located at 4063 North Hawthorne Street. (map)

1. Separate loose leaves, bagged leaves, brush and bulky items.  These materials are collected, processed, and disposed of differently.
2. Move loose leaves, bagged leaves, and brush as close to the curb edge of pavement as possible, but avoid placing the materials in the street or co-mingling materials. 
3. Avoid raking leaves into ditches.  Doing so can cause flooding problems and have a negative impact on water quality.
4. Avoid raking leaves into the street.  Doing so can cause drainage problems and lead to hazardous driving conditions when leaves become wet.
5. Consider backyard composting. Composting is great for your lawn and for the environment.


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Justin Holland, Administrator
1250 Market Street
Chattanooga TN 37402 (map)
(423) 643-6311  


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Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea