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Forestry Highlights-Awards

Awards Received

2016. The 2016 Outstanding Tree Board Award goes to the City of Chattanooga for outstanding contributions to Urban Forestry in Tennessee. (State level recognition by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.)

2009. The  2009 OutstandingTree Board Award goes to the City of Chattanooga for outstanding contributions to Urban Forestry in Tennessee. (State level recognition by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.)

2009. The 2009 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence for the creation of the Take Root initiative. (State level recognition)

2007. The ISA Gold Leaf Award for Outstanding Arbor Day Activities for the establishment of the Peace Grove at Coolidge Park. (Regional level recognition by the Southern Chapter of the International Society of   Arborculture).

2007. The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council Activitist Award for many activities in urban forestry goes to Christine Bock, Chattanooga Tree Commission member.

2004. The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council's Board Member Award for outstanding service goes to Jerry Jeansonne, Forestry Inspector, City of Chattanooga.

2000. The 2000 Council Member Award to Gene Hyde for outstanding contributions to Urban Forestry in Tennessee. (Tennessee Urban Forestry Council)

1998. Partner of the Year Award to Gene Hyde for commitment to helping create a world-class center for environmental education and wildlife stewardship in Chattanooga, TN. (Chattanooga Nature Center)

1996. The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council's "Tree Board" Award to the Chattanooga Tree commission for outstanding Contributions to Urban Forestry in Tennessee. (State level)

1992,1995. Scenic Cities Beautiful Commission's Award for contributions to the beauty and betterment of the community. (local award)

1993. The National Arbor Day Foundation's "Lady Bird Johnson Award" for the Area Beautification Committee's work in establishing the Gateways Ptogram. (National level award)

Awards Given

2012 Tree Commission Award Winners

1. Highland Park Neighborhood Association (Neighborhoods)
2. Michael Wurzel (Citizen Involvement)
3. UTC (School Grounds)
4. LIV Development for the City Green project (Developers)
5. Grace Episcopal Church (Golden Acorn Award)
6. ABC Tree Company (Tree Company)

2009 Tree Commission Award Winners

1. Ms. Charlotte Martin and the Southside Historic District (Neighborhood Groups)
2. Ms. Keith Mc Callie (Citizen Involvement)
3. Ms. Heidi Chapman (School Grounds at the Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy
4. Mr. Steve Arnsdorf and CS & Associates (Developers)
5. Adele Glascock (Tree Commission member)
6. Corrine Allen and the Benwood Foundation (The Forester's Award)
7. Mr. Rick Wood and the Trust for Public Land (The Acorn Award)
8. The Chattanooga Green Committee (Special Recognition)
9. Mr. Keyshon L. Boozer (Arbor Day Poster Contest Winner)

2008 Tree Commission Award Winners

1. Ashley Jones, Battle Acadamey (Arbor Day Poster Contest).
2. Craig Kronenberg and the Southside Neighborhood Association (Neighborhood Groups).
3. Helen Johnson and the Leadership Chattanooga Team (Citizen Involvement).
4. Christine Bock (Tree Commission Member).
5. Pam Glaser and the Planning and Design Studio(Special Recognition).
6. David Hopkins and the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Botanical Garden (Acorn Award).
7. Jeanette Eigelsbach and the Scenic Cities Beautiful Commission (Forester's Award)

2007 Tree Commission Award Winners

1. Shaquana Williams for her artwork. (Arbor Day Poster Contest for Fifth Graders).
2. The Shepherd Community Council for securing a grant for tree planting and coordinating with various agencies to plant new trees along Meharry Drive. (Neighborhood Association).
3. Elaine Barker for enthusiastically volunteering to help plant and prune trees in the city ROW and for working in the Reflection Riding Greenhouse. (Citizen Involvement)
4. Normal Park Museum Magnet School for organizing a massive multi-day 350 person event to construct a new playground with innovative features such as a Spanish Galleon, butterfly gate, mosaic wall, edible garden, and the use of native trees. (School Grounds).
5. Steve Shamblin for being a regular client of the pre-submittal meetings in the Land Development Office and for submitting landscape plans that are consistently well done.
6. Battle Academy Rooftop Garden which features a sensory garden, deciduous and evergreen trees, raised planting beds, and a water feature. Both Schild Grant and Joan Novotny played instrumental roles in completing the project.
7. The ISA Gold Leaf Award for Outstanding Arbor Day Activities for the establishment of the Peace Grove at Coolidge Park. (State level recognition by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.
7. June Coppinger for her leadership on guiding the Tree Commission as well as here generous donation of time and, money, and ideas such as petitioning the mayor to sign the Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. (Tree Commission Member).
8. Dr. J. Hill Craddock for his extensive role in the effort to develop a blight resistant chestnut. (The Golden Acorn Award).
9. Gene Hyde and the Chattanooga Tree Commission for the Peace Grove Arbor Day ceremony. (The ISA Gold Leaf Award).

2006 Tree Commission Award Winners

1. The Community Association of St. Elmo for tree planting efforts both on private property and in the public sector (Neighborhood Association)
2. Sandy Kurtz for her many years of service in the cause of promoting trees, greenways and native species (Citizen Involvement)
3. Mike Price of MAP Engineers for great care of trees and landscapes during construction and development (The Developers Award)
4. The Siskin Hospital and Reedy Landscaping for showing proper maintenance and pruning of Crape Myrtle trees on hospital grounds(Special Recognition Award)
5. Jack McDonald for taking the lead role in a tree planting effort in downtown Chattanooga in the late 1980's that resulted in the planting of approximately 300 street trees. John Sweet for his dedication to the functioning and mission of the Tree Commission (Tree Commission Member)
6. Gene Hyde for his tireless efforts in promoting urban forestry and proper tree care in Chattanooga for the past 16 years.(The Golden Acorn Award)

2005 Tree Commission Award Winners

1. Ezekiel Jones and the Glenwood Neighborhood Association (Neighborhood Association)
2. Ann Huckabee (Special Recognition for Volunteer Efforts
3. Karen Rennick (Citizen Involvement for promoting landscaping on a prominent downtown corner)
4. Norm Carter, James Lewis, and Steve Fry (Citizen Involvement as Citizen Pruners)
5. Bob Corker (Special Recognition-Leadership Award)
6. Moon Construction (Construction Industry)
7. Michael Godwin and John Gwinn (Student Activist)
8. Cortez Putman (Arbor Day Poster Contest Winner)

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