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Code Types

View the City Code Property Maintenance document below for updated code ordinances.
City Code- Property Maintenance  



This code defines the minimum allowable maintenance and condition for existing structures within the city limits. The code sets requirements for:

  • Condemnations
  • City Demolitions
  • Maintenance of Premises
  • Maintenance of the Exterior of Structures
  • Maintenance of the Interior of Structures
  • Spot Blight Acquisition

This code sets requirements for the upkeep of yards and lots within the city limits. The enforcement requirements dictate:

  • All premises be maintained free of accumulated garbage, rubbish, refuse, or other waste material.
  • All premises containing grass, underbrush, or weeds shall be maintained at the height of less than ten (10) inches. (Section 18-162)
  • No person shall deposit litter on any vacant or occupied public or private property within the city limits, regardless of ownership.

This code section sets the requirements for eliminating abandoned and/or Non-operating vehicles within the city limits.
The code requires the following:

  • No person leaves any partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, or junked vehicle on any street, alley, highway, or public right-of-way within the city limits for a period exceeding ten (10) days.
  • that no person leave any partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, or junked vehicle on any lot, tract, or parcel of privately owned land within the city unless it is stored or parked on the property in connection with a licensed business enterprise operating in a lawful place and manner.

The Codes and Community Service staff is complaint driven and depends significantly on citizens' input. Call 311 at (423) 643-6311 to report violations or visit

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