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City Engineer

Click here to view an updated time-lapse progression, of the construction progress of Miller Park.

Featured Projects:

Harriet Tubman - D-14-001
Projected Budget $4,503,043.23
Description - Demolition of Housing Projects for resue of property related to economic development.
Location - Roanoke Avenue and Southern Street

Hariet Tubman Walkway

Looking at dilapidated housing unit within complex, scheduled for demolition.

Hariet Tubman

Looking at dilapidated housing unit within complex, scheduled for demolition.

Ariel Hariet Tubman

Aerial image of prepped site for new occupancy, ready for redevelopment.

John A Patton - Y-14-001
Projected Budget $150,000.00
Description - Installation of additional walking trail made of rubber porous material, installation of three ponds per green in-structure requirement, upgrade of sidewalk and entrance to building, and installation of a pre-cast restroom facility.
Location - 3202 Kellys Ferry Road

JohnAPatton Playground

Looking at parking lot to be rehabilitated.

JohnAPatton Green

Looking at new green space after demolition.

JohnAPatton Green2

Looking at new green space after demolition.

Improved Screening and Grit Removal Facilities at Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plan - W-11-012
Projected Budget $12,700,000.00
Description - Rebuilding two equalization pumps, installation of two influent screen at the influent pump station, installation of four influent pumps, and installation of one influent screen.
Location - 455 Moccasin Bend Road


Removal of old screen.


New pump.


Influent pumps operational.

Walnut Street Bridge Repairs and Improvements - E-13-002
Projected Budget $1,261,290.00
Description - Repair of the deck surfaces, above and below deck trusses, piers and abutment.
Location - Walnut Street

Walnut Bridge

Above deck surface to be replaced.

Walnut Bridge2

Below deck truss to be repaired.

Concord and Golf Streets Storm Rehabilitation - S-14-001
Projected Budget $816,995.85
Description - Removal and upsizing of existing storm drain piping and structures.
Location - North Chattanooga


New Curb Inlet.


Raised Storm Manhole.

Hixson YFD Demolition of a three-story building - Y-15-007
Projected Budget $282,600.00
Description - Removing the rear section of the old school.
Location - 5401 School Drive

Hixson YFD

Looking at the remaining portion after the rear section has been removed, shoring up elevator shafts and utilities.

Enterprise South SUV Expansion
Projected Budget $52,500,000.00 (City and Hamilton County funds)
Description - Expanding production of a new SUV that has been added to their broad line of vehicles keeping up in competition with several other plants around the world.
Location - Enterprise South Industrial Park

VW SUV Expansion

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Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea