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Construction Standard Specifications


Introductory Information

00000 Certification and Seal _Rev. 09-21-05

00001Table of Contents_Rev. 08-12-05

Contract Documents

00009 Request for Bidder Information

00100 Advertisement for Bid_Rev. 08-12-05

00200 Instruction to Bidders 

00201 Contractor's Identification_Rev. 10-12-05

Bidding Requirements and Documents

00300 Bid Proposal

00301 Bid Schedule

00302 Bid Bond

00303 Certification of Bidder Regarding Equal Employment Opportunity

00400 Statement of Bidder’s Qualification

00401 Statement of Equipments

00410 Partnership Certificate

00411 Corporate Certificate

00417 Iran Divestment Act

00430 Statement of License Certificate

00435 Joint Venture Questionaire

00440 Affidavit of No Collusion by Prime Bidder

00441 Affidavit of No Collusion by Subcontractor

00486 Drug_Free Workplace Affidavit of Prime Bidder

Contract Requirements

00500 Contract _Rev. 08-12-05

00600 Performance Bond

00601 Payment Bond

00602 Change Order _Rev. 08-12-05

00603 Change Request Form (CRF) _Rev. 08-12-05

Project Close Out Requirements and Forms

00701 Certificate of Property Restoration _Rev. 08-12-05

00704 Affidavit of Release of Liens

00706 Certificate of Substantial Completion _Rev. 08-12-05

Contract Regulations

00802 Supplemental General Conditions

00830 General Provisions

00831 Equal Employment Opportunities Specifications

00832 Equal Employment Opportunity Clause

00835 Project Sign

00836 Progress Payment Request

Escrow Documents (for Contracts over $500K)

00837 Retainage Escrow Account Set-Up for Suntrust

00838 Power of Attorney

00839 Corporate Resolution

00840 Retainage Agreement

General Conditions

01010 Summary of Work

01025 Unit Prices

01080 Applicable Codes and Standards

01090 Abbreviations

01150 Measurement and Payment

01200 Project Meetings

01220 Progress Meetings

01300 Submittals

01380 Construction Photographs

01620 Transportation and Handling

01630 Storage and Protection

01700 Cleaning

01720 Project Record Documents _Rev. 08-25-04

01720 Project Record Documents - Sanitary Sewer Electronic Data Submittals

01720 Project Record Documents - Stormwater Electronic Data Submittals

01730 Guarantees and Warranties

Detailed Specifications

00001 Common Excavations

00003 Concrete

00014 Mineral Aggregate Base

02120 Video Taping

02220 Earthwork

02242 Clay or Flowable Mortar Fill for Cutoff Walls

02270 Slope Protection and Erosion Control

02485 Seeding and Mulching

02560 Manholes

02607 New and Replacement Paving and Sidewalks

02751 Preparatory Cleaning of Sewers

02752 Television Inspection of Sewers

02753 Sewer Flow Control

02800 Drip Irrigation System

02810 Landscaping

02820 Landscaping Maintenance

02951 Railroad and Highway Crossings

02955 Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining of Sewers

03110 Concrete Formwork

03240 Concrete Reinforcement

03300 Portland Cement Pervious Pavement _ Rev. 08-04-03

03310 Cast in Place Concrete

03575 Flowable Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) for Abandoned Underground Pipe

11316 Sewage Grinder Pump Systems

15062 Ductile Iron Piping and Ductile Iron and Cast Iron Fittings

15064_B  Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sewer and Service Pipe

15562 Point Repairs of Sewers

16111 Conduit


12 Bituminous Plant Mix

14 Mineral Aggregate Base

15 Concrete Pavement Removal

16 Cement Concrete Sidewalks, Driveways, Median Pavement

17 Cement Concrete Curb, Gutter, or Combined Curb and Gutter

19 Tree and/or Stump Removal

21 Prime Coat

22 Tack Coat

23 Removal of Structures and Obstructions

24 Shoulder/Sidewalk Area Treatment

25 Joint Materials

26 Bituminous Plant Mix Binder (Hot Mix)

27 Asphaltic Concrete Surface (Hot Mix)

29 Corrugated Metal Pipe Arch and Circular Pipe

31 Concrete Pipe for Storm Sewers and Culverts

33 Adjusting Manhole Frames and Covers, Inlets, and Catch Basins

34 Catch Basins, Inlets, and Miscellaneous Drainage Structures

36 Topsoil

38 Cast In Place Concrete Curb Inlets

40 Fence Relocation

53 Joint Sealants

67 Bituminous Materials

70 Riprap

72 Adjusting Water Service Lines and Moving Existing Water Meters and Boxes

73 Aggregates

74 Miscellaneous Materials

98 Slope Protection and Erosion Control

717 Mobilization of Forces, Supplies, and Equipment

RCP Required Contract Provisions

SC Special Conditions

SPC Special Provision - Recycled Asphalt Pavement

Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea