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Construction Standard Drawings

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Index (452k - 3 pages)

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Title Sheet

Standard Plan & Profile:

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SD-100.01 General Notes
SD-100.02 General Notes
SD-101.01 Utility Owners

Highways, Roads, And Streets

SD-200.01 Roadway Sections
SD-200.02 Roadway Sections
SD-201.01 Concrete Curbs (6" Detached and Header)
SD-202.01 Concrete Curb and Gutter (Type "A")
SD-202.02 Concrete Curb and Gutter (Type "A")
SD-203.01 Concrete Curb (Residential)
SD-203.02 Concrete Curb (Residential)
SD-204.01 Private Driveway Approach (Residential)
SD-205.01 Handicap Ramp Details
SD-205.02 Handicap Ramp Details
SD-206.01 Mountable Island Curb

Sanitary Sewers

SD-300.01 Sanitary / Storm Manhole (Precast)
SD-301.01 Sanitary / Storm Manhole Details
SD-301.02 Sanitary / Storm Manhole Details
SD-301.03 Sanitary / Storm Manhole Details
SD-301.04 Sanitary / Storm Manhole Details
SD-302.01 Sanitary Manhole Drop Connection
SD-303.01 San. Sewer Service Connection and Lateral
SD-304.01 Highway Crossing for Sanitary Sewers
SD-305.01 Creek and Ditch Crossings for San. Sewers
SD-306.01 Trench Check Dam
SD-307.01 Trench Details/Bedding (Storm/San. Sewers)
SD-308.01 Trench Details (Concrete Protection)
SD-308.02 Trench Details (Concrete Protection)
SD-309.01 Sewer Service Tap
SD-310.01 Oil Skimmer


SD-500.01 Treewell Details
SD-500.02 Treewell Details
SD-501.01 Paver Layout
SD-501.02 Paver Layout
SD-501.03 Streetscape Layout
SD-502.01 Streetscape Utility Collar Details
SD-503.01 Paver Edge Details and Color Chart
SD-504.01 Paver Intersection Detail
SD-505.01 Streetscape Guardrail Detail
SD-506.01 Foundation Details (39' Streetlight Pole)
SD-507.01 Foundation Details (12' Pedestrian Light Pole)
SD-508.01 Parking Meter Details
SD-509.01 Pervious Concrete Paver Detail


SD-600.01 Storm Manhole (Brick / Cast-In-Place)
SD-601.01 Concrete Endwall (Type "S")
SD-602.01 Concrete Endwall (Type "L")
SD-603.01 Concrete Endwall (Type "U")
SD-604.01 Concrete Endwall (Type "W")
SD-605.01 Concrete Endwall (Precast / Flared)
SD-606.01 Drop Inlet
SD.607.01 Drop Inlet (Precast Concrete)
SD-608.01 Catch Basin (Standard), Frame, and Grate
SD-608.02 Catch Basin (Standard), Frame and Grate
SD-609.01 Curb Inlet (Concrete / Brick)
SD-609.02 Curb Inlet (Concrete / Brick)
SD-610.01 Curb Inlet (Precast Concrete)
SD-610.02 Curb Inlet (Precast Concrete)
SD-610.03 Curb Inlet (Precast Concrete)
SD-610.04 Curb Inlet (Precast Concrete)


SD-700.01 Repair Details (Roadway)
SD-700.02 Repair Details (Roadway)
SD-701.01 Repair Details (Curb and Gutter / Sidewalk)
SD-702.01 Repair Details (Sidewalk) - Pole Replacement
SD-703.01 Repair Details (Driveway / Parking Lot)

Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea