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Building - Residential

NEW In response to your concerns and to increase efficiency in our system, we have generated a new "Simple Residental Building Permit".

Building - Residential

Projects that require a permit include (but are not limited to):

• New construction of buildings or structures

• Alterations, repairs or additions to existing buildings or structures

• Changes in the use or occupancy of an existing building or structure

• Exterior remodels, alterations or repairs

• Moving/relocating existing buildings

• Demolition (interior and complete buildings)

• Fences over 7' high or fences constructed of concrete or masonry

• Retaining walls.  Retaining walls four or more feet in height require an engineer's stamped drawing

• Decks

• Swimming Pools including above-ground units two or more feet deep


Work exempt from a building permit:

Cosmetic alterations to existing buildings such as paint, wallpaper and carpeting, as well as exterior storage buildings less than 120 square feet are exempt from building permits.

However, you are encouraged to contact the Plans Review Services at (423) 643-5894 before beginning any project to determine whether or not permits are required.

For further information, please read our Residential 1-2 Family, Townhouse & Accessory Standard Operating Procedures manual.

To view example site plans, click here.

See ViewPoint Cloud page for permit applications.


All Building permit applications submitted for properties located in the 100-year flood zone will require review by Zoning personnel.  There will be a minimum 48-hour period for review purposes.

Likewise, all Building permit applications submitted for structures located more than 150 feet from public access will require review by Fire Department personnel.  There will be a minimum 48-hour period for review on this as well.

Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea