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Stormwater Development Inspection Services

Stormwater Development Inspection Services

Stormwater inspections are conducted on a routine basis for the duration of land-disturbing activity.  Inspections are scheduled based on project phase (ie: during heavy grading activity more frequent inspections are required, once interior building activity has begun less frequent inspections are required). Wet-event inspections of construction sites are generally completed within 24-hours of appreciable rainfall event. All information associated with site inspections is documented using a JSIR form and signed by the contractor on site and by the Soil Engineering Specialist/inspector.  Copies of the JSIR are left with the contractor or site attendant and the original report remains with the inspector.  Photos of the site are taken during the inspection.

Final site inspections are conducted to confirm the following items are operational and in good repair:

  • Stormwater collection system

  • Site stabilization

  • Landscaping

  • Detention pond

  • Oil Skimmer




Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea