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Street Lighting

Roadway Street Lighting

Streetlights are an effective tool in helping provide a safer night driving environment. The City of Chattanooga pays for the power and maintenance of over 26,500 streetlights. The Electric Power Board (EPB) is the contractor who provides the power and maintenance for the streetlights. The City of Chattanooga does not provide lighting on or for private property. Any request for private lighting should be directed to EPB.

Reporting Street Lighting Malfunctions

Malfunctioning streetlights should be reported to the 311 Service Center (visiting or the Electric Power Board by calling 423-648-1EPB (1372). When reporting, identify the pole by number and the nearest address, if possible. The pole number may be found secured to the pole on a metal strip approximately 1 1/2" wide by 9" long. If the pole number is missing or damaged beyond recognition, it may be located by street address or intersection. Reporting the pole number is the most efficient and cost effective way to begin the repair process, as locating by any other means requires an Electric Power Board maintenance inspector to make a field check at night, which increases the time it takes to identify the pole and repair the street light.

Requesting a New Roadway Streetlight

To request a new streetlight for traffic safety-related concerns, contact 311 by visiting A Transportation Department staff member will investigate the location for the request. If warranted, staff will work with the requestor to complete the petition included in the policy document below.

General Information & Installation Standards

Streetlights are always located on public right-of-way.

Decorative lighting is not available from the City of Chattanooga.

The standard streetlight installation consists of a wooden utility pole and a light emitting diode (LED) fixture on a mast arm.

Streetlight supports are standard wooden utility poles. Should your neighborhood desire the more decorative concrete or metal pole, it is available through the EPB, and will not be provided by the City of Chattanooga.

Private property on the right-of-way, such as irrigation systems, invisible fencing, electrical wiring, etc. is not the responsibility of the City of Chattanooga or EPB. We prefer such items be removed from the right-of-way. At minimum, such items should be flagged or clearly marked so they may be avoided.

Residents with underground utilities will have to make arrangements with the EPB to pay the cost of underground installations. The City of Chattanooga will assume power and maintenance cost upon completion of the installation.

The City of Chattanooga retains exclusive authority to determine need and final placement of all streetlights.

The streetlight is typically located on the side property line between lots, utilizing either an existing or new utility pole.

To begin the process, simply complete this form and return it to the Transportation Department at the address provided. Upon completion of the required petition process and approval of the request, the City of Chattanooga will authorize EPB to proceed with the installation. The City of Chattanooga will pay for the operation and maintenance cost. When requesting a new streetlight installation for an existing utility pole, include the pole number on the request form. The pole I.D. number, which is usually a single letter followed by a four or five-digit number, may be found on a metal band affixed to the pole. If you cannot find the pole number or there is no existing pole, note on the request form the two adjoining property addresses. After specifying the location, obtain a signature of the property owners from each household within 150 feet of that location. That usually includes your neighbors next door and the homes across the street. Upon completion of the form, return it to us and we will authorize the Electric Power Board to schedule the installation.

Private Lighting

Lighting for private property is not provided by the City of Chattanooga. All requests for private lighting should be directed to the Electric Power Board.

Street Lighting on Abandoned Right-Of-Way

Occasionally the City of Chattanooga will abandon portions of unused or undeveloped right-of-way. When the City of Chattanooga abandons right-of-way it will relinquish any responsibility for maintenance of the right-of-way, including street lighting.

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Request new or report problems with existing traffic control devices by calling 311, (423) 643-6311, or by visiting

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